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Fri Nov 17 17:51:47 EST 2006

Georgia Journey: Community Radio
Scott Myrick
WNEG NewsChannel 32
Friday, November 17, 2006

WBCX 89.1 FM -- DJ Recruitment
Noon -- Saturday, November 18, 2006

Jacobs Business and Communications Arts Building


(770) 538-4744

The microphones at radio station WBCX still look brand new. Nothing in these
studios has been used much in the past 10 years. But Station Manager Scott
Fugate is ready to dump the sleepy jazz music the station plays, in favor of
a music revolution. The station won't play one specific format of music
anymore. WBCX is going to be all about mood.

"Like a melody mood. There are melodies in all styles of music -- why can't
we play all genres? Why does it have to be all country, or all pop, or all
soul or all jazz?" Fugate tells NewsChannel 32.

He just wants to play good music, not music that's overplayed. He hopes the
new philosophy will get more people listening in their cars and get more
people in the studio. When he cuts off the satellite jazz feed January 1,
everything on-the-air will come from Gainesville.

"We're going to have programming in the morning, in the day time, at night,
so we're really open to literally hundreds of new DJs," Fugate says.

To fill the time, he's opening the station's doors to all of Northeast

"You don't even have to audition. You just have to come to me and say "I
want to do a radio show," and I will teach you everything you need to know,"
he says.

All you need is a passion for music and an hour of time to volunteer each

"Those who have a particular passion of any particular genre, those are
usually best on the radio, because then they can share that and they can
teach the audience about the style," he says.

It's time, he says, to take control of radio from big companies and give it
to the community.

"We're actually trying to go backwards. We're trying to take radio back to
its golden era, where you want to listen to radio," Fugate says.

Even though the station is small, he thinks the its new philosophy will
attract a big following.

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