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Jae Sinnett jaejazz at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 19 12:25:45 EST 2006

Hello to all.......This afternoon on my show I will be interviewing Frank Foster - live - around 2pm EST......hopefully. Many of you know that Frank suffered a stroke a few years ago and hasn't been in the best of health. He has basically stopped playing his horn but continues to write. The NAACP will be honoring him December 10th in a huge gala here in Norfolk and we'll also be talking about this with one of the organizers. Many will be here for the event.....Dr. Billy Taylor, Ron Carter, Joe Sample, Nancy Wilson, Freddie Cole, Christian McBride.....Frank's Big Band - The Loud Minority....and many more. You can tune in by going to www.whro.org - then clicking onto Public Radio and then onto 89.5 WHRV FM. My show runs from 1pm-5pm on Sunday afternoons. Thanks, 
  Jae Sinnett

Jae Sinnett <jaejazz at yahoo.com> wrote:

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Just wanted to share an observation........Over the past few weeks and before our fall drive I've been getting many phones calls about things I'm playing on my program. I think we all get these calls.....in spurts. I can go a week with basically no calls and then a week with a kzillion. Maybe because we're getting close to the holidays might have something to do with why I'm gettting so many now. I started noticing what recordings folk were inquiring about. For my show, here are a few that have been bringing in the most calls and I'll mention which tracks I'm focusing on.........Randy Brecker "Some Skunk Funk"....the title track but more so "Strap Hangin." .....Phil Kelly's "My Museum"....tracks...."Pleading Dim Cap" "Body and Soul" and track one...the name escapes me at the moment. The Duke Jordon piece I think. Scenes...."Along the Way"...tracks...."When Jasper Grows Up" and number four and six. John Patitucci's "Line By Line"....tracks....title track and
"Folklore"......Ximo Tebar...."Eclipse"....Tracks ......"Inner Urge" and "My Evidence."......Viva Carlos (off the hook).....tracks...."Moonflower" and "Oye Come Va.".........Javon Jackson "Now" ....tracks "In the Sticks" and number four.......Mark Masters Ensemble....."Wish Me Well".....tracks...."Monk's Sphere"...."Weep"....."Gary's Waltz".....basically any......The Paul Carlon Octet...."Other Tongues"......tracks "Lucid Dream" and Street Beat."........Bill Anschell's "More To The Ear Than Meets The Eye".....tracks....."Bent" and "As the Crow Flies".......The Jay Lawrence Trio...."Thermal Strut".....tracks...."Love For Sale"....title track.....and tracks six and eight........there are more but what's interesting to me in looking over these is that I notice that basically most if not all (exception, Javon) aren't in the Jazzweek top 20 or 30.

For me it's revealing. The results are the same in the sales area based on info I get from the local stores. I think it also has much to do with how the programmer shapes their show. If you feature more standard oriented material then that's the audience you've created which now I believe is limited. The ones that got the most responses from the Jazzweek charters were the Ray Charles, Knight and Krall CD's. The familiar yes but I've noticed and most importantly, that they aren't running away when they don't hear what they already know. As for the instrumental Jazzweek chart toppers....little or nothing in terms of responses. Scott Hamilton did do very well but I'm not sure how far he went up the chart. 

I'm not sure what this says but I think it has something to do with predictability with the instrumental "sound." This is just my opinion of course but I think for the most part what is in the Jazzweek top 25 is the sound most in jazz radio expect to hear so for my show the response is minimal to these recordings. Not that they don't like these releases but it's what they expect to hear and I think reaches them in a somewhat passive way. The tracks that they are responding to and making them pro-active....as you can see and perhaps hear....aren't what they usually expect to hear in terms of sound and concept. I've gone further into this direction based on these results and the success is evident. Has anyone else thought about this or experiencing a similar situation with their programming? 

Jae Sinnett
Norfolk VA 

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