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Mon Nov 20 17:48:53 EST 2006

Hi Andy,

We would love to run it and we would need to have a copy on cd.


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>Subject: [JPL] BUDDY GUY - New radio special
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>I'm happy to announce a new one-hour Buddy Guy radio special now available
>for broadcasts.
>Can you please let me know your thoughts on running this special before the
>end of December?  It could also work for you in February for Black History
>Month.  Please also let me know if you want a copy of this show on CD.
>This show is available for all US radio stations, and is entirely different
>from the program that was only available for PRI affiliates earlier this
>year.  More details are listed below.
>You can also find more details on the show and Buddy Guy's new box set
>online at http://cahnmedia.blogspot.com.
>Andy Cahn
>Cahn Media
>cahnmedia at comcast.net
>Brand new one-hour music intensive radio special available for broadcast on
>all US-based stations!
>One-hour music intensive radio special features legendary bluesman Buddy 
>in his own words and music.  Buddy Guy's own comments come from an 
>interview session, and include many recollections and insights that will
>heard on your station for the first time.  Hosted by journalist Anthony
>DeCurtis, this program also features 15 classic tracks from throughout 
>Buddy Guy tells his own story, looking back on his life and career as only
>he can.  He begins the story with his poor, sharecropping roots in
>Lettsworth, LA, and guides up through all his stops along the way to the
>Rock & Roll Hall of Fame - the first time he met the blues on a John Lee
>Hooker record, the birth of his trademark guitar style while regularly
>jamming for customers at a gas station, his explosion on the Chicago blues
>scene, his influence on many of rock's great guitarists (Clapton, Hendrix,
>Stevie Ray Vaughn, Rolling Stones, John Mayer and many more), and much 
>Throughout "Can't Quit the Blues," Buddy Guy opens up and reveals himself 
>a man with a soul as great as his musical skills.  He is extremely grateful
>to all those who helped him along the way, and always happy to share his
>knowledge with those inspired by him.   At 70 years-old, he continues to
>live a great life, always thankful of how he came to be one of the world's
>great blues guitarists.
>"If I had my life to live over," he says, "I would come back the same road
>that I came and pick up the acoustic guitar and hope to make somebody happy
>and smile."
>Host: Anthony DeCurtis (Rolling Stone)
>Producer: Joyride Media (Paul Chuffo, Joshua Jackson)
>Length: 59 minutes with two breaks for local spots
>Broadcast Window:  Begins November 2006
>Terms: Available to all US-based radio broadcasters at no cost
>Promotion: 0:30 promo spot included on CD
>Contact: Andy Cahn, cahnmedia at comcast.net, 215-279-7632
>PRX: http://prx.org/pieces/15190
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