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About LOVE album
After being asked by the remaining  Beatles, Ringo and Paul, along with Yoko 
Ono Lennon and Olivia  Harrison, to make experimental mixes from their master 
tapes for a collaboration  with Cirque du Soleil, Sir George Martin, The 
Beatles legendary  producer, and his son Giles Martin have been working with the 
entire archive of  Beatles recordings to create LOVE. The result is an 
unprecedented  approach to the music. Using the master tapes at Abbey Road Studios, Sir 
George  and Giles have created a unique soundscape. The release of this 
album, which is  also featured in the Cirque du Soleil/Beatles collaborative 
production  of the same name at The Mirage in Las Vegas, has been much anticipated.  
"This album puts the Beatles back together again, because suddenly  there's 
John and George with me and Ringo," said Paul  McCartney. "It's kind of 
"George and Giles did such a great job combining these tracks. It's really  
powerful for me and I even heard things I'd forgotten we'd recorded." commented 
 Ringo Starr.  
"The album has the feeling of love and that's why the title is  Beatles 
LOVE," added Yoko Ono Lennon, "They have let  everything that is beautiful and 
daring come out."  
"The music is stunning. I think the most amazing thing about it is that you  
can pull it apart and all the elements carry with it the essence of the entire 
 song," said Olivia Harrison. 
fyi--the CD just came out--its amazing sounding and is a fully authorized  
project utilizing the original producer/mastermind, Sir George Martin plus his  
son. samples should be up on amazon etc.  you can hear samples @  beatles.com 
but they ask for a lot of information. 
-ricky schultz

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