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Still Another Jazz Show   Nov  20

METHENY/MEHLDAU   “Ahmed 6”   “Summer Day”   “Ring Of
Nonesuch Records

Blue Note

KAHIL EL ZABAR'S RITUAL TRIO featuring Billy Bang 
“Freedom Flexibility” “Big M”   BIG M   A Tribute To
Malachi Favors      Delmark Records

RASHIED ALI QUINTET     “Sidewalk In Motion”    
Survival Records

Marsalis Music/Rounder Records

JASON MORAN      “Break Down”  “Milestone”   ARTIST IN

SUSIE THORNE     “Autumn Leaves”        BLUE SKIES, 
CLEAR DAY    Effie Records

JIMMIE HEATH BIG BAND   “No End”  “”Basic Birks”  
Planet Arts 

Foolish”  “Some Other Time”  “Waltz With Debby”       
   Fantasy/Concord Jazz

THAN MEETS THE EYE      Origin Records

MICHELLE GREGOIRE       “Minor Alterations”   REACHING
    Boat House Records

PAT METHENY and BRAD MEHLDAU begin this edition of
SAJS with selections from their new collaboration
METHEY/MEHLDAU.   We played the brisk “Ahmed 6”
featuring that slick heroic equestrian sound that
Metheny is able to project. Pat Metheny is one of
those rare jazz musicians with a unique sound that
resonates with many fans. It's apparent in his
acoustic opening passages into the next “Summer Day.”
And even more apparent when driving through the
foothills of Central Coastal California. It's the air
that's conducive to Metheny listening where the
mornings are hazy and mystical.
Only can't plan on it. Keep an extra copy in the car
when the spirit takes you.   Brad Mehldau's one of the
best at lead or accompaniment, either/or,  and it's
most prevalent  in this CD as they exchange licks.
Both Metheny and Mehldau are so good at this, as   
cool  as an unattached reading of the New Yorker, a
porcelain cup of espresso and  diet pina colada then a
cruise along the coast in a black BMW to Big Sur. 
That's it create your own TV car commercial. You can
do it in a Toyota, a small SUV wearing your exclusive
small Dubari sun glasses.  Make sure the lighting is
right about 4pm before a fall sunset. And when you
check out the last cut we played “Ring Of Life” with
Metheny playing the Synth Guitar and San Francisco's
own Larry Grenadier, bass and Jeff Ballard on drums,
you most certainly will roll your own down Highway
One. Listen to this “Ring Of Life!”  
PATRICIA BARBER follows with MYTHOLOGIES, a absolute
and brilliant new CD.   No doubt in terms of
conception she's the most iconic of all singers,
songwriters, pianists, most appreciated in an intimate
setting.  The songs on this new CD are based on
mythological references. Guitarist Neal Alger is noted
here for his work and Jim Gailloreto on reeds most
appreciated for his breathless-ness on “Morpheus.”We
played “Persephone” in a poetess Sappho's dream.  It's
slow sensual like a chocolate drip down your throat
causing your endorphins to slip...  
KAHIL EL'ZABAR'S RITUAL TRIO with  new world violinist
BILLY BANG begin the next segment from the BIG M cd, 
Bassist Malachi Favors was one of the original members
of the Ritual Trio along with Lester Bowie. They were
also prominent members of the Art Ensemble Of Chicago.
 This is a most genuine manner to celebrate a dear
friend's journey to the other side.  The pacing and
tempo of this CD is blues, funky and heroic. Ari Brown
plays both saxophone and a wicked piano entre of
“Freedom Flexibility,” with “Big M” next and Kahil El'
Zabar on finger piano and assorted other percussions
with Billy big Bang's profound violin licks and Ari
Brown about to launch to the heavens with interstellar
harmonic messages to the Universe. Tribute To Malachi
Favors is one of those Gregorian Afro chants that
you'll not long forget, for it'll stay with you long
1 is next 
with as tune written by Frank Lowe, “Sidewalks In
Motion.”   This about literally drips with hard bop
sweat and tears. This is the music of the gods of post
bop and Rashied Ali was there and for him, hear is
Reminds  you of Art Blakey and Kenny Dorham school of
hard bop.  Don't let it scare or belittle you in any
way, for it's all clean and good.  This is music of
the all night jazz shows. Jumaane Smith, trumpet, Greg
Murphy, piano,  Lawrence Clark, tenor sax and Joris
Teepe on bass.
BRANFORD MARSALIS QUARTET concludes this segment from
his new CD, BRAGGTOWN.  We played a Bradford original,
“Fate” with his excellent work on soprano and a superb
piano  accompaniment by Joey Calderazzo.  Eric Revis
on bass and Jeff “Tain” Watts round out this excellent
Pianist JASON MORAN begins the second hour of SAJS
with his new CD, ARTIST IN RESIDENCE.  Moran is keenly
interested in all forms of music and their
adaptability to modern jazz.   “Breakdown” reminds me
of  a Frank Zappa invention with social commentary as
an observable phenomena also theres a similarity with
another Jaki Byard student D. D. Jackson.   Both will
take chances to achieve their goals. Moran can be more
progressive in some cases and this he's shows  in a
fine lyrical sense.  “Milestone”  features the soprano
Alicia Hall Moran and her music adapted by Jason. 
There's an interesting spoken word by Adrian Piper in
“Artists Ought To Be Writing.”. He adapts the tempo to
her voice as if it were music 'to one's ears,' with a
catch phrase piano accompaniment. Jason Moran offers a
new refreshing modern vision as the music again
transcends supposed strictures.
As transitional as one can be , it was to move on to
SUSIE THORNE, whose  vocal timber resembles Karrin
Allyson and I preface it with the word, 'somewhat.'
She has a voice that a listener can feel comfortable
with... The CD is titled BLUE SKIES, CLEAR DAY.  We
played her version of “Autumn Leaves” because it fits
nicely next to Moran's “Milestone.”  Thorne sings it
in French adding to the ambiance of the set.
THE JIMMY HEATH BIG BAND is next with his new CD, TURN
UP THE HEATH.  Remember the days of The Dizzy
Gillespie Big Band?  This current conglomeration  is
part of that resurrection.  Jimmy Heath whose
genealogy encompasses the Heath Brothers, Jimmy, Percy
and Al “Tootie” from Philadelphia, as I remind my
bluegrass friend Al Shusterman, who's on after me.
With “Backroads Bluegrass.”  Shusterman is also from
Philadelphia.  This new CD will recall with fondness
the many fine jazz big bands of the fifties and
sixties that sparked that era with some of the best
arranging and writing in hard bop for big band.  We
played Kenny Dorham's “No End” with Jimmy on soprano,
Greg Gisbert, trumpet and Heath's own “Basic Birk,” a
tribute to Dizzy Gillespie with Bobby LaVell and
Andres Bolarskey on tenor saxophones and Jason Jackson
and Jon Mosca on trombones. This is big band bop at
it's best!
segment. Originally released in 1975 by Fantasy
Records and remastered and reissued by Concord
Records, this is a remarkable piece of music by two
great artist, Tony Bennett, known as a pop artist, now
an icon as he crosses all boundaries similar to Frank
Sinatra. Everybody likes Tony Bennett. And Bill Evans
who's probably one of jazz greatest piano player.  A
lot like him too.  They're here together in one fold
with one of the great jazz albums.  
The sound of this CD is like you're there at a side
table and they're right in front of you and face it, 
you're moved by the performance. We played  a mini set
, a performance of “Young And Foolish,” “Some Other
Time” and the famous”Waltz For Debbie.” That's how
special is this new release of this vintage
Seattle jazz pianist, BILL ANSCHELL is next with an
interesting version of “Night And Day” by Cole Porter
Anschell has a interesting view of things and his
sense of irony  surfaces slowly as in this version.
He'll play around with interesting unique  anecdotes,
yet never straying from the basic theme. He could make
more comedic, but doesn't stand in the way, for there
are just too many ways of developing as builds to a
point of view. He also projects a s strenght similar
to McCoy Tyner. The key is the music, for Bill
Anschell has to be the  years of experience and
touring to draw from where he's developed an
interesting conception.  This new CD offers an
investigative balance of Anschell's originals with
classic standards. Anschell will be in town here at
Savanah's at the Red Lion Inn on December 10th.
Canadian pianist MICHELLE GREGOIRE  concludes SAJS
with a spirited, swinging hard bop mainstream 
original, “Minor Alterations”  from the new CD,
REACHING.  This is all original material by Ms
Gregoire performed with a quintet.  Her music is style
is straight ahead and melodic at times and the rhythm
section with  Jim Vivian, bass and a profound kicker
in Ted Warren on drums.  And with Kirk MacDonald
trumpet and Kevin Turcotte on saxophone tis first song
absolutely resonates with new post bop magnetism. It's
really a nice way to say...next time.

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