[JPL] Ray & Basie

Ron Gill ron_gill at verizon.net
Sun Oct 1 17:57:51 EDT 2006

I attempted to send an email about a blues cut I heard from the Ray/Basie CD, and it is unable to be delivered. However, my comment at the time was that I liked it and started to think about our discussions here about it and my comments as well. Since then I saw a TV ad, so it's getting the full treatment. Have any of the jazz mags picked up the discussion?
I'm not sure if I agree with such things, but, I assume we will see more of it with the way technology is nowadays. Not attempting to drag the discussion out again but just thought I'd mention it.
Now...would I play it? Guess I would. It really sounds great and the host who played it prefaced it with the comment that it was controversial. Guess I'd do the same.
Ron Gill
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Ron Gill

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