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Still Another Jazz Show   Sept 25

Marsalis Music /Rounder Records     

TED NASH  “Kensington  High”   “Gritty Ditty”    STILL
EVOLVED/IN THE LOOP    Palmetto Records

Tetrachord Records

BRAD MEHLDAU TRIO    “August Ending”   “Embers”  HOUSE
ON HILL     Nonesuch Records

MIKE FROST PROJECT    “Wylie's Windup”     COMIN'
blujazz Label

Black Warrior Records

DAVE STRYKER   “Our Miss Brooks”    THE CHASER        
Mel Bay Records


DOMINION       Troubadour  Jass  

JOE MAGNARELLI     “Genet”    HOOP DREAMS    Criss
Cross Jazz      	

JOHN PROULX     “Moon And Sand”   MOON AND SAND      

WYCLIFFE  GORDON     “Sweet Spot”       CONE'S COUP   
  Criss Cross Jazz

BRAGGTOWN CD begins this program  with THE BRANFORD
MARSALIS QUARTET. And what a great one it is, with
excerpts especially in the tune we played, “Jack
Baker,”  Branford Marsalis will have nothing to do
with hyupe on his projects, but   The Marsalis family
is a major factor on the  New Orleans scene. They're
very presence is prominent and important.
TED NASH is next with a nostalgic, high yellow piece
reflective of early life, decades ago in my mind, late
fifties, Bettie Page, Miles, Monk, Baker and Mulligan.
That's what this reed player Ted Nash is about.
Progressive , a modern post expressionism. My inner
eye flickers in washed yellow, pale orange, faded reds
and robins egg blues.   We played “Kensington High.”
Here I'm rummaging around my closet fro0 my letter
sweater and it non existent. I ran  the half mile in
the 1958 Bi County Meet and placed third to the last,
beating out a guy from Lakeshore High with a bad leg.
Sweet revenge!
I feel like Carl Rove! 
We played  “Gritty Ditty.” It has the kind of
performance  art with Marcus Printup stirring solo as
a Charles Mingus tribute to Governor Faubus.
If that doesn't send sheckles up the nap of your neck,
then I don't know what will.
LARRY VUCKOVICH TRIO opens the second segment with his
new CD, STREET SCENE with the title tune as the
performance by Larry Vuckovich. Over the last 40 years
he's performed with....every body!  An exaggeration?
It's definitely not! The method is he's assembled some
of the best to back him up here, Larry Grenadier and
Akira Tana. We played the title tune , a film noir
classic by Alfred Newman, right out of the fifties
when jazz was still exciting and TV came along and the
radio stations left to their own designs played jazz,
for jazz was a major part of the programming in those
Now it's to the discretion  of the marketers, those
with a least a Masters and those who govern our
So they made a mess...
Jazz and politics,  never shall the Twains meet, will
like prostitution, survive... 
We transition to the  BRAD MEHLDAU TRIO  and more
Larry Grenadier and Jorge Rossy to compliment this
I swear Mehldau sounds like he has two right hands and
two left hands. Ferrante & Tiascher rolled into one.
We played the very intellectual “August Ending” which
sounds as though the two were different melodic
structures tied into one grand ballet, a split screen
of two dancers in different positions, yet seemingly
connected.  Mehldau's structure  is flawless,  baroque
in tone and swings with different movements, a mini
Parallax View.  Loved the movie. Then “Embers”  a
another road movie with twists and turns and always
moving forward on a bright sunny afternoon on a two
lane through the Parisian country side.
MIKE FROST PROJECT concludes this segment with “Wylies
Windup” from the new COMIN' STRAIGHT AT YA' cd.  
Frost's music is post West Coast Cool as muses of  Joe
Gordon, Harold Land, Shelly Manne reside in Chicago.
Alto saxophonist, SHERMAN IRBY and his group
ORGANOMICS begin the second hour of SAJS  with a very
personal reflective “Leap Of Faith.”  Irby's sound  is
very accomplished and profound in it's intimacy
especially here with this tune. Guitarist Saul Rubin
adds a nice touch to this beautiful tune with tasteful
lyrics and Fred McFarlane on organ. Irby reminds you
of those bountiful sad and joyful as he gits down with
some Harlem subtley, it's always more cool to
understated.  It's all about telling the same story,
your way as if to say...that's my man Sherman Irby.
It's about time.
Watch out brothers and sisters, here come the man DAVE
STRYKER and his wooly- bully boogie guitar on his new
THE CHASE.  We played “OurMiss Brooks” wrtitten by
tenor man Harold Vick and performed originally by New
Orleans organist Baby Face Willette. Can you dig it!!!
Where's my Johnny 'Guitar' Watson “Gangster Of Love.
Thanks you Dave Stryker for being a real gangster on
with the new TIMELESSNESS  FROZEN IN TIME. Don't let
the long title bore you because this is very
progressive music  and Barbara Sfraga is a very
progressive artist, not given as fzr as I can imagine
to the vageries of  the commercial life. We all gotta
make some money and this lady strikes her own
direction and it's well  appreciated because with
Barbara Sfraga you'll hear many new and different
things over the years. This CD is a good example of
the personality and originality of this artist. We
played “Hang On, Fly Home.” As if two songs are sung
simultaneously again like Mehldau before or is it
tones to Jones bones like qualities of other
humanities, urbanities...(reminds me to clean up my
vanities and get down to business.)  
Barbara will call on  an outer faith of music ideas
and make them tangible and whole.
DELFEAYO MARSALIS begins  the last segment with an
Elvin Jones post bop thriller “Lone Warrior” from the
new MINIONS DOMINION cd . Sounds like it's out of the
early Crusaders songbook. The same tender.   There are
some major players here, Doanld Harrison, Mulgrew
Miller, Robert Hurst III and the late great Elvin
Jones.   This is really a treat to listen to, on the
four lane to Hard Bop heaven. This tune is right in
Delfweayo's wheel house as he can wail on trombone
which he does with magnificent obsession.  
JOE MAGNARELLI is next with his new HOOP DREAMS  as he
continues our sojourn in hard bop frenzy with “Genet.”
This is real Manhattan style hard bop. The bounce on
this tune is all Manhattan style. Art Farmer, Kenny
Dorham and Chet Baker are listening and digging this
52nd street jam. Also Gary Versace is beside himself
on this jam. What a nice player. In the old
neighborhood it's VER SAYS.  On Madison Avenue it's
JOHN PROULX is next with his new MOON AND SAND CD. We
played the title tune and what a beautiful tune it is.
Proulx is a musician and they make interesting jazz
singers with utmost attention to tempo, tone and
timber, three T's every good singers subscribes
to...Proulx has an appreciation for the song much like
Mel Torme, as he has almost perfect pitch.  This CD
demonstrates John Proulx's prowess, his range and
exacting commitment to the song. “Do Nothing Til You
Hear From Me”  a duo with bass player Chuck Berghofer
demonstrates  this young man's attentiveness to the
full range of this song. Excellent example of John
Proulx's talent. “Stuck In A Dream With Me” a
treatment, noble and grand as Cole Porter and  Hoagie
Carmichael.   Watch this young man contribute and 
grow as a performer.  
WYCLIFFE GORDON  concludes  with a selection from his
new CONE'S COUP CD, “Sweet Spot.”  Wycliffe Gordon an
excellent jazz trombonist has a young and rising tenor
saxophonist in Stacy Dillard. We played “Sweet Spot,”
full of the irony and funkiness, humor and various
others with Johnny Neal piano, Reginald Veal, bass and
Herlin Riley on drums.  All New Orleans cool...Watch
this Stacy Dillard.
As we say at our conclusion, “be cool, be kind, be
careful and be a little bit out there! 
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