[JPL] WWSP Jazzfest 2006

Russell Haines rfhnyc_ at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 2 14:45:20 EDT 2006

Hey JPL'ers

Just a quick note to say thanks to all of the promoters, labels and artists 
who have sent us packages for our upcoming Jazzfest. Several of you have 
been particularly generous and that is very much appreciated. For those of 
you still working on it, it is not too late. We really need your support.

For those who want to know, here  is a copy of the letter I sent out for our 

It's that time again for my yearly request for some support for our annual 
Jazz fest weekend.
Just to remind you, every year for the last 24 years WWSP does a Jazz fest 
weekend in Oct. We play 60 hours of jazz programming in addition to our 
regular weekly programming. We also bring in a live band and it is a big 
weekend. This years live concert is Connie Evingson and the Clearwater Hot 

Every year we do some giveaways throughout the weekend and a few at the 
concert. We are also doing Katrina benefit fundraising at our concert this 
year. All proceeds will be going to a chapter of Habitat for Humanity in 
Louisiana. We will be auctioning off items donated to 90fm by local 
businesses and listeners. Soooo here's the pitch - Would you be willing to 
make a donation to the cause? I don't care if it's material that's not 
current, as long as it's Jazz. I'm looking for 5 to 10 discs. If you wan't 
to do current releases now is a good time. We also would be happy if you 
want to send Tee-shirts, hats or other similar kinds of items for the cause.

I ask this while acknowledging your previous generosity and support of WWSP.
I would need the discs by Oct. 12th. to prepare for Jazzfest.
Thanks in advance for your help.



Please send all materials to:

Russ Haines
Jazz/World Music Director
1608 Reserve Street
Stevens Point, WI. 54481

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