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1.  The world's largest gathering of advocates for jazz is the annual 
convention of the International Association of Jazz Educators, an 
organization representing an academic field that scarcely existed a few 
years ago.  The expansion of jazz education is surely one of the most 
striking success stories in either jazz or academia over the past 30
A burgeoning body of young players, many of them highly gifted.  What
be attracting them?  It certainly can't be the money or the benefits
(except in some highly abstract, nearly unaffordable sense).  Could the 
appeal of improvised music itself possibly account for all this interest
passion from young musicians?  Hmmm....

2.  Jazz on the radio comes mostly via public stations.  But the biggest

success story in public radio belongs to news and public affairs/talk 
programming.  One of the  biggest current trends is for more hours of 
news/talk programming, often at the expense of jazz programming, which
vulnerable because of its inability to attract a younger audience, a
survival task that news/talk itself is not very good at either.  If only

jazz programming could attract younger listeners the way jazz education 
attracts young players...

If in January you go to the IAJE in New York, you can hear a lot of live

music, and not just in the convention's two hotels.  It's great to go to
Blue Note, Birdland, the Vanguard - all those iconic and still really
places to hear music.  But while you're there, you'd do well to check
places such as Small's, The 55 Bar, Cornelia Street Cafe, Tonic, the
or any one of several new jazz clubs in Brooklyn.  It's a noticeably
crowd with a slightly different sensibility, yet the same as jazz ever
was - 
a good mixture of passionate, gifted players, some seasoned and others
so, but all looking for and sometimes finding, their voices.  Notice how

they're playing to younger audiences.  Maybe you should take a jazz
to lunch.

Things ain't what they used to be, or are they?  I don't mean to be 
repetitious, but again, consider the ironies.

Bob Rogers
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