[JPL] Jazz education -consider the Ironies

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As a performer/teacher/clinician and parent of former budding musicians I can only say that society has never really given much encouragement to students who have a passionate yearning to be jazz musicians. The IAJE is one of the most wonderful organizations that jazz has to offer. But...is it representative of the whole of education? 

Parents in particular often DIScourage their children from these interests as they look at the salaries and notoriety given to sports figures, actors, doctors, lawyers, etc

In the city of New York, jazz capital of the world, there are only a handful of high schools with jazz bands and extra curricular jazz programs...which are generally underfunded.

What we need to do, rather than educate kids is to educate their parents and make the point that kids do better in every other field of academics when they  study the arts, of course jazz included.

Let's get the parents involved and listening to the music!!

Yes, the IAJE is wonderful and I am a big supporter of the organization and an Outreach Artist, so how about putting as many members of the IAJE as possible on radio talk shows so they can explain the advantages of a jazz education to the public at large. 

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