[JPL] Ray/Basie Band

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Wed Oct 4 20:59:20 EDT 2006

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These  are some of the potential problems in putting together a project like 
this -  like matching the time and pitches but the technology today is 
amazing. You  can change pitches...speed up or slow down the piece without changing 
the  pitch and a kzillion other things which I'm sure they used a lot of to 
make it  work. I would bet they left some of that in there to make it sound more  
"human." I honestly believe that if we didn't know how this was put together  
most would never have a clue. Great job..>>
As Nate Chinen quotes William Safire (thanks to Ron Durfee for posting it):  
"...a series of artistic frauds." Great job, indeed.

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