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Wed Oct 4 23:38:53 EDT 2006

New Release*
Club d'Elf, And Shadow Saw the Gods (Now I Understand)*
Javon Jackison, South Side Eddie (Now)*
Michele Rosewoman, The Fineness Of (The In Side Out)*
Pete Zimmer, title cut (Judgment)*
Barbara Sfraga and Center Search Quest, Be There*
Mike Frost Project, Wake Up (Comin' Straight At Ya')*
Roy Hargrove, title cut (Nothing Serious)*
Patricia Barber, Persephone (Mythologies)*

Moncef Genoud, Out of the Blue (Aqua)*
Michael Musillami's Dialect, title cut (Fragile Forms)*
Branford Marsalis, Black Elk Speaks (Braggtown)*
Marc Copland & Randy Brecker, Round the Horn (Both/And)*
Skerik's Syncopated Taint Septet, Taming the Shrew (Husky)*
Lisa Hilton, City Streets (Midnight in Manhattan)*
Joe Lovano, Moon Dreams (Streams of Expression)*

Wesla Whitfield, Whistling Away The Dark (Livin' on Love)*
Flat Earth Society, Without (Psychoscout)*
Jason Moran, RAIN (Artist in Residence)*
Neal Miner, title cut (The Evening Sound)*
Regina Carter, title cut (Sentimental Journey)*
Elliott Caine, I Thought About You (Blues From Mars)*
Roberto Magris w/Herb Geller, No Sadness (Il Bello Del Jazz)*
Donald Harrison, title cut (The Survivor)*

Ed Neumeister Quartet, Osmosis (Reflection)*
Delfeayo Marsalis, Lost in the Crescent (Minions Dominions)*
Matthew Shipp, Milky Way (One)
Tomasz Stanko Quartet, Cyrhla (Lontano)*
Bobby Bradford, title cut (Love's Dream)
Modo Trio w/Jamie Saft, You Are Being Probed (The Uninvited)*
Grismore/Scea Group, Spinach Dip (well behaved fish)

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