[JPL] Ray/Basie Band

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Wed Oct 4 23:43:06 EDT 2006

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Also, I  had a friend who claimed jazz could never be recorded, because 
once you  recorded it, it was "no longer spontaneous music making.  Just 
the  same thing everytime you heard it.  It might as well be classical  

I think  the Ray/Basie Band CD a much more musical  project than 
sampling little snatches of a jazz classic to lay into remix  job with 
electronic beats & scratches, or ugh, Kenny G and Louis  (double ugh).

There are still people who hold the first belief (though I am not one of  
them). I certainly agree with your second statement.
The Ray/Basie project is a technical achievement, no doubt. I guess the  
community will remain somewhat divided on whether it should have been  attempted.

In fact, I am divided on it, myself.

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