[JPL] Playlist: Sound of Surprise 10-8-06

Larry Appelbaum jumpmonk at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 8 21:14:59 EDT 2006

Sound of Surprise
Washington D.C.
Sunday 4:00-7:00 pm

In Town This Week:
1) Tina Marsh-Lonely Woman (Inside The Breaking Vol. 1)
2) Tina Marsh-All Or Nothing At All (Out of Time)

Spotlight: Jazz From Sweden
3) Sweet Jazz Trio-Ack Varmeland du skina (Very Swedish)
4) Jesse's Jazz Bands-Indiana (Mess Around 1990-2004)
5) Stockholm Jazz Orchestra-Blues I Bage (Lakes)
6) Putte Wickman-Swinging The Blues (Svensk Jazzhistoria Vol 8)
7) Gunnar Johnson-Blues For Lange (Svensk Jazzhistoria Vol. 8)
8) Arne Domnerus-Studio A (Jump For Joy)
9) Bengt Hallberg-S:t Orjanslaten (Svensk Jazzhistoria Vol. 10)
10) Alice Babs w/Bengt Hallberg Trio-I Didn't Know About You (Svensk 
Jazzhistoria Vol. 9)
11) Gals & Pals-Satin Doll (Svensk Jazzhistoria Vol. 9)
12) Johan Horlen-Nobody Else But Me (Chills)
13) Monica Zetterlund-Ja Veg en Deglig Rosa (Monica Zetterlund & Bill Evans)
14) Monica Zetterlund-Chega de Saudade (Oh!! Monica!)

Mystery Musician Quiz: Lars Gullin
15) Lars Gullin-Stella By Starlight (Fine Together)
16) Lars Gullin-Fedja (Svensk Jazzhistoria Vol. 8)
17) Lars Gullin-Disc Major (Silhouette)

18) Nils Lindberg-The Weasel (Third Saxes Galore)
19) Andreas Pettersson-The Snare Case Chase (Getting Close To You)
20) Lindha Svantersson-It Will Rain (Far From Alone)
21) Eje Thelin-Sixty Nine 1 (Graz 1969)
22) PB7-Little Nick (Seven Piece Machine)
23) Per "Texas" Johansson-C Dur (Man Kan Lika Garna Leva)
24) Per Henrik Wallin-Winter Rhapsody (Where Is Spring)
25) Peter Janson-Varmlandsvisan (Nordic Meeting)
26) Gunnel J. Mauritzsan-Fagel fisk och mittermellan (Swedish Jazz 
27) Rena Rama-Banguana Song (Rena Rama)
28) Bobo Stenson-Race Face (Goodbye)

Mystery Musician Quiz #2: Jan Johansson
29) Jan Johansson-Prisma (8 Bitar)
30) Jan Johansson-Lapp Nils Polska (Svensk Jazzhistoria Vol. 10)
31) Jan Johansson-De salde sina hemman (A Visionary Swedish Musician)

32) Jonas Hellborg-Who Would You Like To Be (Good People In Times of Evil)
33) Sofi Hellborg-Har Du Hort (To Give Is To Get)
34) The Jack Brothers-Impressions (Coltrane King)
35) Torbjorn Zetterberg-Hela Sanningen (Krissvit)
36) Jonas Kullhammar-The Rise and Fall of Sour T (Son of a Drummer)
37) Nacka Forum-Toe Cut Capri (Leve Nacka Forum!)
Host: Larry Appelbaum
jumpmonk at hotmail.com

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