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Bopndicks 20 Picks     October 2006

Stanko comes from a very different alternate universe,
possessing similar, yet different harmonic qualities
as if Marie Schneider and  Bartok are whispering in
one ear and Sirens of Roland Kirk and Miles hovering
in modal whispers over the other, faint airs of his
native language  with circumspect and purpose. 
When listening to Stanko, you must listen from
beginning to end with all the subtle melodic
undertones and by the time he swings, shivers will
rise up your neck, snowed in a country house outside
Warsaw. A roaring fire, a hot brandy for there's a
wunderkind spiritual brewing here and it'll get up in
your nose with bright varying tones and textures from
“Lontano 1” and on and on to “Kattorna” with a band of
one very group of  brilliant populace in  Marcin
Wasilewski , piano, Slowomir Kurkiewicz, bass and
Michal Miskiewicz on drums,  for these are a band who
listen closely and talk a repartage to one another
with real enthusiasm. Even if you've heard it all
before, you still can't enough,  for it's all so fresh
and new, like it was in the sixties when  you'd wear
out both ends  of your Monks, Coltranes and Miles
kinda blues, for this Stanko quartet  is that special
to take you out back and give you a run of your life!

PATRICIA BARBER         MYTHOLOGIES               Blue
She brings you life from a mysterious landscape of
words, thoughts and ideas.  Mythologies.  Listen
carefully and brighten your knowledge when gods and
goddesses frolicking for rules of the fates. Add some
jazz to your tryst with Patty and as in Sappho's  plea
for compliance 
and loosen your umbilical chord from  today's mundane
ties with silken amaeba and protozoa to draw a
marvelous connection with Icarus a1nd Nina Simone, a
brave baroness too short a life with strength, brevity
and color of guitarist Neal Alger's  insistent
nurturing.   As “Persephone” will play with  bright
colored pheromone dreams of sensuality juxtaposed to
domesticity an escape to a sensuous woman warrior.
To a subtle protest with biting words of prey in
“Whiteworld.” This is true Confessions of an EHM.  The
lyrics here say it all with a rage not quite heard or
seen in cocktail circuits for the obsessively
privileged few who gather in secret. Like all good
Grecian tragic/comedies a chorus is appropriate
chanting  in hip/hop  in contrapuntal synergy that
brings you back to  earth to a beautiful complicated
real human being in “The Hours” with a full bodied
chorus. There's an arc here to hear and imagine if you
There's an opera, a story, a mythology, a dream here ,
a multitude of life affirming notion. Patricia Barber
is a different sort of Edith Piaf- a cool glass of
mineral water embellished with a twist of lemon.

HOT CLUB OF DETROIT            	Mack Avenue Records
Imaginative, nostalgic with a great technique, Hot
Club of Detroit comprised of young musicians who know
and understand the moodiness and Viche' artistry of
the great Django Reinhardt. It begins with guitarist
Evan Perri who was swept away by Reinhardt's music.
The intricate delicacy aligns in “Troublant Bolero”
and another Reinhardt composition “Anouman” with
accompaniment of Dave Bennett's melodic clarinet and
Julian Labro on accordion. These three set the melodic
tone  and nostalgic sway to the group. The catchy
locked in rhythm in “Belleville” starts up this foray.
After all who needs a drummer!   They're all on  board
in this marathon of Parisian swing.
Then a subtle homage with Joe Colombo's  “Passion,”
emblematic of the many Italian weddings cresting over
Knights Of Colombus hall celebrations right there on
Mack Avenue on  the East side. Then the classic Wes
Montgomery song,”Leila,” a magnificent classic.
There are other adroit Reinhardt tunes on this cd and
the HCOD does them all due justice.   This really is a
re focus back to a bygone era and this young band
delivers it nicely with bravura and jubilancy.

VOLUME ONE      Capri Records
Joe Gilman is Sacramento's jazz treasure .  He's lived
here all his life here and will continue to do so,
even as his recording career continues to expand.
Sacramento is a place for artists to toil away in
solitude, their work, and he has done that as
Professor of Music at American River College and
teacher at the Brubeck Institute-Stockton, where these
two young exceptionally talented  musicians, Joe
Sanders, bass and Justin Brown  on drums were
discovered.  Remember the names for you'll hear more
from them soon.
It's time to let the rest of know how gifted he is as
a teacher and musician.  You definitely hear it in his
playing as you will on this exceptional retrospective
of Stevie Wonder's extensive library of music. Wonder
has grown from a kid with pop aspirations at
Motownm,to a man with exceptional talent, for quality
has to be developed and nurtured over the years as
others  will commend who cover  his many great songs.
Gilman draws even deeper meaning from Wonder's
material as this will provide for those of you who
require more lush depth  and meaning from your music. 

We could elucidate more. For you  who know the score,
we suggest you listen more. This is pure depth
originality. Discover yourself, there's more here than
unrequited love.

Tetrachord Records
Listening to Larry Vuckovich is like jazz in the
fifties where  everywhere you went in Manhattan, 
there was everybody who was anybody hanging out at
Elaine's, appearing on Steve Allen's Tonight Show. It
was cool, un hyperbolic, a matter of course , anti
neurotic/exotic, a 'no wine before it's time frame for
honesty.  Some came to Saan Francisco, the Ginsbergs,
Karoacs  and Ferlingetti's of the mind making their
bones to this music and probably saw this man then
playing with the greats who'd play the Keystone
Corners. The Blues of it isn't the whole story,
continuing on as it is now with  this post modern view
of the mainstream. Larry Vuckovich is now what he was
then as  he is now with some great classics to bring
you aboard before the whistle blows and the cruise
down  the river on  a cool night breeze. Bring a
friend because there's lots of slow dancing in an
endless night of energetic city lights on shore.  
This Larry Vuckovich is an endless summer of post
modern reflection. And with his  band mates,  Larry
Grenadier and Akira Tana,  it's “Blue and Green” all
the way.

KENNY GARRETT        BEYOND THE WALL        Nonesuch
Kenny Garrett moves onto more outer vistas with his
new cd, exploring far Eastern frames and uncomplicated
musical ideas made simple by a darma of endless
conclusions. Garrett projects a lyricism of a
Cannoball,  a Stitt drive and  an old Desmond
softie...This Garrett.s alto is a multiplex of
perimetrics, so stright ahead it's mind boggling and
complex in shades and tones of multitudeness. This is
a band to bring this across, Pharoah Sanders, Bobby
Hutcherson, Mulgrew Miller, Robert Hurst and Brian
Blade, a synomonious with their instruments, there's
no need to further adieu.
Garrett projects many interesting powerful conclusions
here with varying tones of lyrical overflowing Karmic
conclusions. “Kiss The Skies” is straight forward
clear with an openess, inspired by an inner voice and
not likely achieved by others he mentored,  sent out
on their own journey. This new cd  portrays a nice
helpful workable nation.

SEAN JONES           ROOTS     Mack Avenue Records
This is a clear affirmation  of Sean Jones tremendous
range and talent.  His versatility and control is duly
noted here. This is a precurser for more good thing to
come as he  easily breaches a variety of styles, as a
man possessed with the gbest way of say it loud and
proud well versed in multiple languages andn styles
and tastes. 
How do you teach this technique?  Is it talent,
education, exposure.
Is it like the old days, hear it through once and
repeat it with your own personal expression.  It's
called exceptional talent.
There are others here who contribute to this project,
Tia Fuller's lyricism on  reeds and Orin Evans  adroit
minimalism. These are young musicians  who  mightily
contribute to the task  and bode well for a prominent
jazz future. There much here to offer, making this a
memorable  very personal....For keepsakes, when
you'll, 'I remember when.'

This is classic big band blues and what a better way
than combining the genius of Ray Charles and the Count
Basie big band. They're gone now and we're able to
hear this remarkable presentation by a tedious and
delicate mixing and mastering by engineers with BIG
EARS, arrangers and band members in sync with a
remarkable faciltiy and understanding of the artists
and their conceptions. Special credit to producers 
John Burke and Gregg Field, for this isn't an easy
task...but a rewarding one. One of life's memorasble
experiences is to be in the studio when they recorded
this album.  The arrangers,  Shelly Berg, Quincy
Jones, John Clayton,  Tom Scott and Roger Nuemann.
Credits to Patti Austin for her understanding of The
Rayettes, Joey DeFrancesco,
 fro his more than generous back up 0n the Hammond
B-3.  We'll hear all this next year at the Grammy
ceremonies when this project walks off with some
awards. Not only that, it'll sell well. This is the
way records are made. Make sure you haver your copy ,
because this one is for the archives.

Marsalis Music/Rounder Records  
Branford Marsalis is commended for this straight ahead
hard bop excursion into what we know and also know.
This is a kind of honest straight forward no frills
approach, we enjoy...ready to power up, no holds
barred.   We're especially enamored with “Jack Baker”
and Joey Calderazzo's close to center accompaniment 
on “Blakzilla.”  Let's not forget the free open drive
of Jeff 'Tain' Watts for he's no 'after supper'
acoutremont and the suple bass of Eric Revis. Then
there's a re arrangiong of Henry Purcell's “O
This new Branford CD has many rich jazz vistas to
conquer as it will, as it does, accordingly. Don't let
this fool you, for this man who leads the Tonight Show
band , his head is in the right place and it's 
indicative in this new CD.

Ted Nash is a fine writer, reed player and leader of
the nu bopWayne Shorter school for 'he's gonna get it
down the sixties post mod way with “Kensington High.”
Then a composite of styles with Marcus Printup's
trumpet wet and wild the New Orleans way on “Gritty
Ditty,”  as Nash blows some nice R&B vested licks that
make this new CD so provacative and inviting.Palmetto
has a group of highly touted, very interesting and
accomplished musicianry here. “In The Loop” infers to
the hip pastiche that it implies. “Palace” offers
another hip tongue inside cheek well water hot spot, I
mean this could be a Herbie Nichols off broadway
musical with these avant gard soldiers parlaying in
the orchestra pit.
Make sure you check out this quintet with Ted Nash on
saxophone, Marcus Printup, trumpet, Frank Kimbrough,
piano, Ben Allison, bass and  Matt Wilson, drums and
take good measure for this marvelous, melacholy, young
and new staight ahead bop mainstream.  The kind of 
independent thinking and synthesis of style that  John
Cassavetttes was talking about...

Welcome to the world of the  modern Latin jazz
mainstream for Dave Samuels delivers that Tjader fix
by the pound for us who can't or want to forget...The
school of  contemporary Latin jazz dance infinitum.
Within the perameters of the strong  incessive beat
and coercive dichotomy of great Latin musicians
mindful of vibraphonist Dave Samuals thoughtful
leadership, Paquito D'Rivera's power and creativity,
Alain Mallet's diverse energy on organ and piano,
Boris Koslov's accesible bass  opine figures, Roberto
Quintero, Latin percussion empisario, Christian Howes,
violinist el superbo  and a delightful touch with a
trademark of percussive volitility, a home turf
that'll tantalize the pre histories of the Carmen
Miranda's,  Xavier Cugats of Latin Jazz, for this is
the new modern Latin neuvo of Beverly Hills /East L.A.
deco   as theose elegant ladies in long flowing
dresses and Ferragamos dancing “Mambo de Luna” with
Latin mustaches on high tiled roofs overlooking
Wilshire as bright Saturday night opens up  a “Slow
Dance”  invite by a tight Caribbean Jazz Project.

Gary McFarland is one of the  most under appreciated
artists in modern jazz. His career and work was very
brief, bringing to mind the Johnny Rivers song,”Only
The Good Die Young.” 
You remember when you where at thirty eight, how alive
you felt,  he was moving on by that time, some thirty
odd years ago, a blip in this world  of modern
American music.
It's hard to realize we're all a blip in this post
modern world.
Bix Biederbecke had a shorter time. Audie Murphy
passed at a young age and he lived a fierce some 
life.  How about Charlie Parker, Clifford Brown, James
Dean, Sal Mineo, janis Joplin, Jimi Hendricks and Jim
We are a now culture, short shrift, profit and loss,
where NFL footballers bring a brief violent life to
four years. Except for Bret Farve, where does it go,
when it goes fast. McFarland's life was brief but
extant, extended with very brief apriori.  He was self
taught, trusted his instincts and wrote some fine
lyrical West Coast charts. 
Many of us may not have known it, Subway Of The Mind
or  appreciate it much as we could 've.   That's where
Mark Masters comes in, putting this music in proper
perspectivre so we can reminesce and  appreciate
McFarlane's  contributions. 
Gary Smulyan's baritone saxophone brings Mulligan's
reflective energy to this series and Steve Kuhn who 
adds the McFarlane karma since he played with the man
and dave Woodly's trombone, even some garnish with
Bill Ropers's tuba, and above all Mark Master's
conception as this band is the perfect vehicle  to
interpet McFarlane's work.
I  still remember to this day, how influential among
very brief and extenuating circumstances,  like
maturation, McFarlane  would've but didn't have the
full chance to express his multi plasmic cultured
mindful music and yet it was there.  This Mark Masters
Cd gives you a more considerate view of Gary
McFar1ane's music. 
We were definitely there with McFarlane in the
This new Mark Masters Ensemble  is on record in and
out there with McFarland's music, horizontal and
vertical mindful of stately energies. There is a
difference in West Coast cool. It genetic among treh
golden foothills, high deserts, a rolling city lights
of Southern California up the the mists off Big Sur,
to San Francisco North Beach to the Keystone corners
off Golden Gate, up the salty coast to Fort  Bragg, It
cystallizes in Gary McFarlane's music by the Mark
Masters Ensemble.
And I'd drive down from Sacramento to  the mythical
Lighthouse in Redondo Beach for a Sunday afternoon
session with the Mark Masters eEnsemble, juast like
Howard Rumsey would do.

Rounder Records
She's  a little eccentric, flirtatious and coquetish 
with a soft Billy Holliday glow, a sunny afternoon in
the thirties, when folks had feelings not material
things to express their thoughts and inner most ideas.
Larry Klein,  Joni Mitchell's ex and quide  The first,
the delighful dysfunctional “I'm All Right.” Leonard
Cohen's “Blue Alert,” the great Johnny Mercer and
Sinatra emblematic standard “The Summer Wind,” a duet
with K.D. Lang, “A Little Bit,” collaborated with Emi
Lou Harris, Larry Klein and Madeleine  Peyroux,
another “Once In A While” then Tom Waits pop realism,
“Lookin For The Heart Of Saturday Night,” then a
personal Leonard Cohen's “Half The Perfect World. “
And the most profound and simply “La Javanaise,” for
Madeleine must be Canadien. What a perfect parfait!
No matter what you say or do, she reaches down to your
core.  Madeleine is the root de jour of every day

Time Records
This man is one of the most muscular saxophone players
in the world. David Muray has more control over his
music and when you hear “Mannish Boy,” a take on Muddy
Waters, “I'm A Man,” you'll  know that he really the
man.   A native of Berkley, this is where the music
comes to the lord with Murray's roots in R&B, and
protest music with the tyrue spirit especially with
the cover photo of an outstretched hand clutching a
If you protest then do it with music, especially with
a glorious shout from  Carolyn Amba Hawthorne in
“Amazing Disgrace `and “Spy On Me blues.” This is a
combination of Charles Mingus roots, Frank Zappa`'s
Mothers and the Fuggs drothers with the spirited Jimi
Hendrix in the background. This is what was like then
as it is now today.

She reaches deep into the culture of the music she
plays.   It's why her music is so native and original.
 This multi reed player has a light melodic strain
along with an almost pysychic ethnicity. She listens
while walking through the neighborhood,  absorbs the
sounds, sights and smells and it absorbs her music. 
This is a unique Bunnett Latin conception that goes
deep into the genetic origins. This is a complete
fantastic jazz music festival in one CD.
“Quantanamo Blues” is especially poignant  a light
glaze of post  modern  as perfromed by Jane Bunnett on
soprano saxophgone with husband Larry Cramer on
trumpet on this ubane smooth modern fusion with the
late Dewey Redman sounding absolutely superb. It's
like they were made for each other with young David
Virelles adding a light Latin tinge as it morphes into
a more traditional chant,  “Lomo De Chovo,”  for 
Havana has a nice traditional light. And an octet
version of “You Have Changed My Life with a Jane
Bunnett solo on flute that  only Roland Kirk could
come close. Howard Johnson plays an authoritative tuba
solo here. 
This new  Radio Quantanamo has the full bredth, 
theres so much to enjoy and Zydeca with Johnny Sansome
who writes like Fat Doimino on “No Money, No Chica,”
(It's a term of endearment) the  sweet Cuban cigar
smells,  black beans and rice, 56 Chevrolets, Ford
flat V8's, DeSotos, Plymouths and Cabrolets and the
conga music filtering through the tight streets and
alley ways.
This is music that has absorbed Spanish tradtional
dance, African myticism, Cajun, Zydeca, rock a billy
and jazz, especially in Bunnett's tribute, “New
Orleans Under Water.”
This is one  'hellena'  music festival.

This is the kind of music we love freom Diana, where
she sets the tempo on  piano and we re-live those
halcyon older days  even if we're too young to
Diana Krall's new CD will have you believe that
romance is a Harlem nocturne and the fox trot is back
only reserved to those rare and large and Italian
Polish weddings, but naunght it's all in vogue, women
in long dresses and strapped heels dancing with men
elegantlyu dressed as Dick Powell and Murna Loy would
dance  in unison to the music of a big band, in this
case The Clayton/Hamilton Jazz Orchestra. 
Then there's these light and hip, “Exactly Like You.”
charts, (everytime I hear these I think of Nat King
Cole.) Which is good for you and good for me. 
Theres no real connection between Cole anmd Krall
other than how his music has had a profound on her
career and in this case we're back home again. 
The big band arrangements are just great! And the
small band are terrific as well. This kind of swing
that Krall can deliver we always hope for and she
delivers this time with this new marvelous CD.

MARK EGAN                AS WE SPEAK                  
 Wavetone Records
A spiritual triumph!! When these three come together
on this,  a CD there's smoke on  the water in an
ancient lake in Greece, as Lord Byron sails his
gondola with his Lady Jessica on tranquil waters
overlooking deep dark actuaries and mystical
This music may have a faster tempo then is reported,
but when you go through a guru from the Oriental
Steppes all becomes more experimental and reverential
and you just experience a vision all over again
everytime you listen to this. 
Mark Egan is a most contemporary visionary who played
with the Pat Metheny Group along with Danny Gottlieb
on drums who's  also a major contributer on this CD.
You may experience eighties flashbacks from  the
Metheny Group while listening to this CD. It's not the
fault of your receiver. John Abercrombie is the most
becoming as the   final messenger. He plays a free and
open guitar as  anyone, second to none. The other one
is named Metheny.   
This is none other than a good  true rendition of a
jazz contemporary guitarist before and after and 
those in the know how. Mark Egan has a five string
electric bass  remaining those who can chase around
astounding rhythm guitar licks and drummer Danny
Gottlieb, apoplectic as any great drummer, a fine
human being, as well a a great musician.
This two CD set is perfect for Mark Egan, who can play
what he wants  with ease and grace while others with
less will show and  try to drive up the price.

SIMPATICO    Artist Share Records
The best of rest of the Latin jazz groups out there
and no doubt the best Latin band out there right now,
for this has for them all the heavies.  This is best
what NYC has to  offer. The Latin jazz ensemble like
this there is no one to extenuate beyond here.  The
Latin  rhythmns  are probably without merit anywhere.
“Simpatico” is the best Afro Cuban that NYC has to
offer the best Afro Cuban in world!   The musicians
here are the buttered with honey toast of the Latin
world and with Eddie Paolmieri on piano will last
indefinitely. The horn arrangements on “FreeHands” 
are the most extraordinary, so straight ahead and
You'll hear stuff that you haven't heard in a long
time. For this is superb Latin jazz that's played in
the clubs for Manhattan's true officianadoes, the only
way to go to hard bop Latin heaven.

Indirecto Records
This is a copious band of funkadelics. Medeski Martin
and Wood have live wires hanging out of their Hammand
B-3's and John Scofield worlds greatest jazz guitarist
seems to know it instintively and plays along  and
even takes charge at times. These are yellow cake
surfer dudes on roller boards at Venice beach yacking
no advice on the state of  unalterable union made, bad
news,  in the USA work shoes  a Scanner Darkly  of
reannimated  mess of Mesapotamia. It's never easy,
this MMW music and with Scofield it becomes equally
treacherous, however, and it's a big HOWEVER, when you
merge different synapsis with other synapsis. 
Let me be clear this is not a Friday night at the VFW
with a Tower Of Power pickup band. If you think it's
right, you may not score tonight.   For these wild and
crazy polka pickup guys are on a much higher
intersteller plain than other plain clothers who
masquarade in secret under garments.
You'll hear  the most sixties funky scores that'll set
you free from those, tonight. All right! So suspend
your animation.

She gets better and better every time. This new CD
features her own among other  greats, Tito Puentes,
Bob Marleys and no Rufus Harleys. No compense'.   The
musicianry is close to animal husbandry.  There's a
profound back beat that the disco of the world
admnire. Elias is today what Sergio Mendes was in
sixty six, catchy, reflective, sexy,  addictive when
you listen to, you wanna go back to, cause you can't
get enough, “You're Jammin.” until the jamming's true.
  You know when it  has all those elements to keep you
jammin, even if it's post partum raggae, it still
swings and grooves until next time, play it again Sam,
until your cell phone craps out, cause we're jammin, 
cause you like the jamming and other fine musicains,
that you'll discover when your jamming, too.

“The Voice” 88.7fm
4623 T Street, Suite A
Sacramento, Ca  95819-4743


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