[JPL] Tower Liquidation

Andy Cook ajcook68 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 9 09:23:45 EDT 2006

Oh well, thanks to the internet and online shopping, people have become more and more lazy in their shopping habits, especially generation born after 1980.  It's a sad story only because this society are too lazy to actually step out their homes to go shopping. I guess I am old fashioned.  To me, I still think their something to be said about going to a music store and going through all the bins, listening to the music in the store monitors, picking out music you want and walking out the door with it in your hands.  I remember spending a couple of hours, hanging out at Tower in Boston.  Sure, sometimes you couldn't find music you were looking for in the bins, but it happens online too. Sometimes you go looking for something, just to find out that they don't have it.
  Andy Cook
  WFNX Jazz Brunch

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