[JPL] KKJZ stays Jazz, yeah, but for how long???

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This is  the station hosts like Chuck Niles, Jim Goza, Gary Vercelli,
Bobby  Rodríguez et al were part of. KBCA/KKGO was on from the early 60s
until one  Sunday morning in the mid-80s when at Noon it went from jazz to
classical  without warning. Will that occur again?????

Don't think so.....Sol Levine has had K-Mozart on the airwaves for  
years..doesn't make much sense to have two classical stations in the Los Angeles  
airwaves...the other station he owns in L.A. carries the Adult Standard  
format...with the addition of KKJZ - the stations could really compliment each  other 
and probably have great potential for cross marketing to their  audiences.......

Rebecca Risman
Laughing Redhead  Productions

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