[JPL] more secret of youth

Arturo arturo893 at qwest.net
Mon Oct 9 15:40:10 EDT 2006

Bobby Jax wrote <<< The Tigers seem like a team of destiny.  To get beaten
by the NY Mets in
this year's fall classic.........>>>

I agree the Bengals have a foreseeable future, however it is for them to be
beaten by the Athletics of Oakland just like the last time they met in the
playoffs when my countryman Bert Camparneris lost his cool after a bruchback
pitch and threw his bat at the pitcher, Campy, Bando, a numbered 9 Reggie
Jax, Rudi, Catfish, Vida et all what a team they were. I also wish the
Metropolitans win so they have a return engagement in the fall Classic with
the Oaktown A's. Just like in 1972, the Green and Gold will whup
the M E T S, I love ya Willie Randolph but with no Pedrito and no Duque, you
don't stand a ghost of a chance.

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