[JPL] KKJZ stays Jazz

Jim Wilke jwilke123 at comcast.net
Mon Oct 9 18:01:34 EDT 2006

"Is that even correct?"  It depends on how you define "major market".  
If you count only the three largest markets (New York, LA and Chicago) 
yes, it would be correct.  If you're talking the top ten or twenty, no.


On Monday, October 9, 2006, at 02:55  PM, Bindert, Dan wrote:

> This is how it was phrased in the LA Times...
> "The only other major market classic jazz station with a professional
> staff is WBGO-FM in Newark, N.J."
> Is that even correct?
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> Some people are definitely locked in their own little world, aren't
> they?
> On Monday, October 9, 2006, at 02:42  PM, Ed Trefzger wrote:
>>> -------------------------------------------
>>> There was another article somewhere which referred to KKJZ, along 
>>> with
>>> WBGO, as the only 2 professionally staffed 24/7 jazz stations left.
>>> There are plenty of professionally staffed split format/partial jazz
>>> stations, and plenty of 24/7 stations that are largely staffed with
>>> volunteer DJs, but how many other 24/7 jazz stations are
>>> paid/professionally staffed 24/7?
>> I had a phone call back today from a writer who stated this and whom I
>> wrote to on this subject.  The "only two stations" information came
>> from a spokesperson at KKJZ who stood by the figure when this writer
>> called back to ask after he read my note to the contrary.
>> Ed

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