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georgetfuller at juno.com georgetfuller at juno.com
Mon Oct 9 18:17:12 EDT 2006

    hey gang -  when i found out that Saul Levine aquired KKJZ , for me
it was a great sigh of relief /  i was fortunate to have worked for
KKGO the last 4 years it was a jazz station / Saul took advantage of an
opportunity by changing the FM to classical and left the AM frequency
in the same building a jazz format / then in a matter of months both
frequncies were classical / Chuck Niles , Sam Fields , & Dick McGarvin
were brought on board at KLON / i found a 24/7 jazz & blues format KRML
in Carmel, Ca. / a few years ago Saul went jazz on the AM band and
changed the call letters to KJAZ / it only lasted about 2 years / all
said , i honestly think that Saul is the right business person for this
/  first of all it was Saul's life long plan to own a radio station /
he does and he is succesful / Saul is the only individual owner of a
radio station(s), in LA / even though Saul went classical , at one
point in time he tried to revive a jazz format on AM / i am proud to
say that during my time at KKGO , i worked for the official jazz
station for playboy , the biggest commercial jazz station in  America
in the biggest market and i was the engineer for Leonard Feather / in a
nutshell radio is a big business and Saul is the real deal / with what
Saul already has ,,, a classical station and a proud owner , i truly
think that he will leave things as is / probably better / and in case
you did not know , Saul is a lawyer / and he was very fair with me /
thanks for your time - George Fuller  Facilities Director KRML jazz &
blues radio. 

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