[JPL] Tower Liquidation

TradeSecrets/Mancuso's TradeSecrets at comcast.net
Mon Oct 9 18:53:26 EDT 2006

This works, except when the artist is dead or the CD is not in print, the
artist has no pressings to send....

The BIG deal about retail record shopping, IMHO, is the synergy of shopping
with other people who are interested in music!  Combine that with a staff of
music-lovers (as was the case for many years in many stores) and every one
is richer for the experience.  Folks get turned onto music they would have
overlooked, find artists they never heard of etc, somebody keeps their job,
adds to the local economy....

It's one thing to say 'gee, I want to get a copy of Eddie Gale's "Ghetto
Music", log on & buy one'.  It's another thing to be hanging/shopping and
have somebody see what's in your hand & say 'gee, have you ever heard Eddie

This is what is going away, not just with Tower, but lots of places and I
think it is very sad.

I literally thank Jah ever day for Music Millennium here in Portland and
give them as much money as I am able!

Jan Mancuso
Trade Secrets/KMHD
Portland, OR

> In response...
> The beauty of the Web is that if you can't find something...you can always
> contact the artist directly !!
> I've done that with a couple of items and the artists were ready to jump on
> a plane to give me a hug because they were so happy !!
> So, yea my generation and they way we all did business is changing but
> change is good and when you can contact an artist directly and have him/her
> send you a copy that no one else has except the artist himself/herself  sure
> makes my day !!!  :)
> Thank you.

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