[JPL] Ray/Basie Band

Ron Gill ron_gill at verizon.net
Tue Oct 10 10:59:49 EDT 2006

From: Ron Gill <ron_gill at verizon.net>
Date: 2006/10/05 Thu PM 01:40:15 CDT
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Subject: Re: Re: Re: [JPL] Ray/Basie Band

From: Forrest Bryant <fo at fojazz.com>
Date: 2006/10/05 Thu PM 01:40:15 CDT
To: Jazz Programmers Mailing List <jazzproglist at jazzweek.com>
Subject: Re: Re: [JPL] Ray/Basie Band


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On 10/4/06, Jim Wilke <jwilke123 at comcast.net> wrote:
> -------------------------------------------
   I respond a little late to your comment, Forest, so
   my apologies.
   I agree with your assessment of this collaboration 
   void of the musicians alive and kicking.
   In playing this recording I have done what you have
   suggested, and I have heard others do it as well, is
   inform the listener of the controversy. In fact a
   listener called me right after I played it to get a
   better understanding of what was involved in this
   recording being done. I believe that most listeners
   with any integrity at all may find the results
   pleasurable, but agree that how it was done somewhat
   Ron Gill
   Jazz Gallery
   WGBH 89.7 FM
   Boston, MA


>   This discussion reminds me a bit of when people
> complained in the 17th and 18th centuries the violin could (or should)
> never replace the viola, and flutes should be made of wood, not metal!
>   And  as for that newfangled contraption the pianoforte, it will never
> replace the sweet sounding harpsichord!

I'm not buying this argument. Yes, the results may sound great, and
there's nothing wrong with using improved technology to advance the
music or improve fidelity or whatever.

The problem I have is with the lack of input from the featured artist.
I look at it this way: I'm a writer. If, after I was dead, somebody
took an article I wrote but chose not to publish, extracted the "good"
paragraphs, filled in the gaps with some other author's words (trying
to guess at what I would have wanted) and presented the result as my
work, I'd come back and haunt that guy for eternity. It doesn't matter
how good the final article is, it's not mine. I didn't approve it, I
didn't ask for it, somebody else just decided to do it in my name and
make a pile of money from it. That's wrong.

That said, I think the solution of playing the music but pointing out
the controversy to the audience is sensible. Even if you don't feel
there's any ethical problem with the release, your listeners should
know what it is they're getting.

Forrest Dylan Bryant
words | radio | web
fo at fojazz.com

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