[JPL] Canadian Veteran Jazz Drummer Dies

Nancy Houle nancy at jazzsolution.com
Tue Oct 10 12:46:42 EDT 2006

I know that JPL reports heavily on what is happening stateside.  However, us
Canadians, Francophones and some Europeans lurking on this list will want to
know about veteran jazz drummer Bernard Primeau's death.  Bernard was almost
a jazz institution in Montreal and across Canada.  I know that he was very
well liked by presenters and in touring circles.  He toured and played
consistantly, and I think was an very good example of how a jazz musician
could create and sustain a solid jazz career without topping the charts.  As
a Montreal native, I feel the loss.   He was still young, only 67...and set
to release his new jazz album today.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reports it here

Nancy Houle

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