[JPL] Speaking of Radio Stations

Bob Crispen - Kenton Site revbob at crispen.org
Tue Oct 10 16:06:18 EDT 2006

If you run WinAmp or MediaMonkey, I've got a few jazz (and classical and 
indie) bookmarks: <http://blog.crispen.org/etc/NetRadioGoodies.zip>

If you've got your station's Internet stream locked up so that it only 
plays on a nasty little media player embedded in a web page, chances are 
about 50:50 that I've got the real stream URL in there anyway. I mean, 
it's on the net, it's got an URL, you're not gonna actually *hide* it; 
all you're gonna do is piss off everybody with a Mac or a Linux box or 
somebody (like me) who doesn't feel like running "The World's Most 
Bloated, Intrusive, Dangerous, Crappy Sounding Media Player" -- I'll let 
you guys fight about whether Real Media, Apple, or Microsoft will end up 
trademarking that slogan.

Feel free to grab the bookmarks. If you've got another application you 
usually listen on, you *might* convince me to convert the list to some 
other format. I'm a lot more attentive if you whisper sweetly into the 
ear of my PayPal account, but a good sob story might work too. Email me 
off the list, please.

Anybody want to guess where I got most of those radio stations? Anybody 
want to guess why I signed up for this list? ;-)

Back to lurk mode.
Bob Crispen
For Stan Kenton site correspondence: kenton at crispen dot org

The highest form of execution on a musical instrument is jazz. We know 
what we are doing and we know it's the truth, and anything the truth 
falls on, it will grind into powder. It just takes time. It takes time. 
- Art Blakey

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