[JPL] The Mets Colors: Orange & Blue --- GO METS!

Peter Poses pposes at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 11 02:23:55 EDT 2006

Arturo: Howzzit ---

	Regrettably Arturo, U R wrong about The Mets "colors". They have nuthin' to
do w/ any previous or current NY baseball team (The Artfuls of Bklyn; The
Gints of NY; or The Yanks of NY), tho yer error (a mental one), is

	The Orange & Blue have to do w/ the fact that The Mets "home", Shea
Stadium, resides in Queens --- Flushing to be exact --- the domain settled
by The Dutch whose allegience was to The House Of William And Mary, rulers @
the time of settlement on turf later to be called "Flushing Queens, New
York". The "colors" derive from William being from "The House Of Orange",
while Mary was from "The House Of Stuart" (Blue from their coat of arms). I
hope that U fare betta w/ yer bet. UTNG (Until The Next Game), don't take
too BIG a lead, Peter Poses, Host Of "OverNight Jazz: The Soundz Of
Surprize" --- www.krfcfm.org.

	P.S. Go to: http://www.nymets.barrison.net/lyric.html for lyrics to "Meet
The Mets"

	P.P.S. Let'zz hope that Branford (or a Colleague[zz]) is/are brought back
for a reprise of 	       "The Nat'l Anthem".

	P.P.P.S. Go Mets!

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