[JPL] RE: The Mets Colors: Orange & Blue --- GO METS!

SGribetz at aol.com SGribetz at aol.com
Wed Oct 11 10:41:21 EDT 2006

First, I agree with a couple of recent posters, let's not turn this list in  
to a sports bar.
But, I feel compelled to respond, because you're both wrong.  The Mets  
colors are orange and blue, to keep the National League connection after the  
Dodgers and Giants fled west.  Orange for the Giants, and Blue for the  Dodgers 
(Frishberg and Lasorda indeed bleed Dodger Blue).  Pinstripes are  not a color, 
and nothing of the Mets is in tribute to the Yankees.
True Mets fans might also want to check out this site:  
_www.ditchtheblack.com_ (http://www.ditchtheblack.com) 

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