[JPL] RE: The Mets Colors: Orange & Blue --- GO METS!

Jane Dashow jazzzdog at nyc.rr.com
Wed Oct 11 10:47:15 EDT 2006

Okay, normally I don't get into any discussions on the JPL but being my
dad took me to my first Mets game at the age of five I must say
Thanks to the clarification that the Mets are in no way an homage to the
Yankees. (I am actually wearing the orange and blue today for good luck
in game one tonight)
I will say more thing: the Yankees are expected to win everything every
year and, thus, play in the post season as if they are in a pick up game
in the prison yard. The Mets in every game of the season and beyond play
with joy and as a team. Even though the statistics show that the Yankees
have "better players", the Mets have a better TEAM and one that goes at
their work with joy. It is something we can all observe (enjoy) and
learn from.
Lets go Mets!

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First, I agree with a couple of recent posters, let's not turn this list
to a sports bar.
But, I feel compelled to respond, because you're both wrong.  The Mets  
colors are orange and blue, to keep the National League connection after
Dodgers and Giants fled west.  Orange for the Giants, and Blue for the
(Frishberg and Lasorda indeed bleed Dodger Blue).  Pinstripes are  not a
and nothing of the Mets is in tribute to the Yankees.
True Mets fans might also want to check out this site:  
_www.ditchtheblack.com_ (http://www.ditchtheblack.com) 

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