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Bob Stockton drbob at modernjazzclassics.com
Wed Oct 11 11:02:39 EDT 2006

Was it me or was that Sister Sadie playing just before game time on Fox last 
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Let me try to bring it back on topic. ;-)

I grew up as a Mets fan in the 1960s. A visit to Shea Stadium included 
musical interludes by organist Jane Jarvis. Something about that sound stuck 
with me, and as a jazz radio programmer, I have always included a good 
amount of the Burner, Joey D., Jimmy Smith, Dr. Lonnie Smith and other B3 
masters. In fact, my WPKN web page lists B3 music as part of my Quality 
Assurance Pledge. Jane Jarvis gave up her organ gig at Shea in 1979, then 
became a full-time pianist, playing with Milt Hinton and recording a few 

David Golden
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While it's refreshing to get away from some of the topics that have
been beat to death here lately, haven't we drifted a trifle off
subject?   Could this discussion be handled in personal emails?   I
feel like I've taken a wrong turn and ended up in a sports bar!



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