[JPL] World Series of jazz musicians

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Barry Zito, who pitched for Oakland last night, is a jazz fan, and I believe one of his parents is a musician of some sort, possibly jazz oriented. Jimi Hendrix is close enough for R&R! Mom & Dad working for Nat Cole may be a qualifier too...[Mike Schwartz/KSJS]
Some misc. bio info: 
...participated in the Oakland Ballet's performance of "The Nutcracker" in 2000 and 2003...guest starred on "The Chris Isaak Show" on Showtime and on "JAG" on CBS following the 2003 season...is an accomplished guitarist, an avid surfer and photographer...is a national spokesperson for organ donation...plays guitar in his sister Sally's band, the Sally Zito Project...was invited to the White House to have dinner with the President and Mrs. Bush...established his Strikeouts For Troops™ program on April 5, 2005 to provide funds for U.S Military being treated at Walter Reed Army Hospital, Bethesda Naval Hospital and other military hospitals...contributed $100 to Strikeouts For Troops Fund for every batter he strikes out during the 2005 season. 
Is a self taught guitar player, and sometimes plays along with his sister's band, "The Sally Zito Project".
Given the choice, says he would prefer to play the guitar like Jimi Hendrix than pitch a perfect game. He has a mini-recording studio in his bedroom, and takes music lessons in the off-season.
“Dream big, and dream always.” Those words, the words of his father, are what Barry William Zito remembers most clearly from his childhood. Born in Las Vegas on May 13, 1978, he was a late-in-life baby for Roberta and Joe, a show biz couple who met and married while working for Nat King Cole in the 1960s. Joe was Cole’s conductor and arranger, Roberta (a classically trained violinist and pianist) was a singer in the star’s backup group, the Merry Young Souls.
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Here's a suggestion for jazz related to the playoffs and World Series. As
soon as the Fall membership drive here at jazz89KUVO concludes on Tuesday
the 17th, I will begin playing selections from artists born or raised in the
4 remaining cites, Oakland, New York City, Detroit and Saint Louis. Of the 4
cities there's no doubt that Detroit is the champion city having produced
the most artists of note, NY is the capital of jazz, St. Louis has had it
share and Oakland has more than you would think without counting S F across
the bay.

Does anyone know of any players or coaches from the 4 remaining teams that
are jazz fans? Bernie Williams of the eliminated Yankees is a fine guitarist
and about 2 years ago recorded a smoothy music disc for Verve.



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