[JPL] Congrats to the Tigers

Jeff Turton jturton at comcast.net
Sun Oct 15 07:39:37 EDT 2006

Congratulations to the Dr. and all you Tigers fans..... It's off to  
the World Series. The only question now is, who will survive the NLCS  
intact ?

This just about says it all (courtesy of the NY Times):

Shockingly, the wait to celebrate is over. In what has already been a  
captivating comeback season, the Tigers eliminated the Oakland  
Athletics when Magglio Ordóñez’s two-out, three-run homer in the  
ninth inning catapulted them to a 6-3 victory at Comerica Park. Once  
terrible, they are now terrific.

The Tigers sprinted by the flat-footed A’s to sweep the American  
League Championship Series in four games and march to their first  
World Series since 1984. After this memorable day, three years ago  
never felt so long ago.

“When you’re the laughingstock of Major League Baseball and you’re  
the butt of David Letterman’s every joke, and Jay Leno, this probably  
feels pretty damn good right now,” said closer Todd Jones, who was  
not on the Tigers in 2003.

But third baseman Brandon Inge was with those 2003 losers. And, as  
Inge stood among his delirious teammates on the infield after the  
game, he looked up into the dark sky and sounded like he was filming  
a commercial for Disney.

“Oh, I’m going to the World Series,” Inge said. “You better believe  
it. I believe it.”

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