[JPL] Guitar Debate - Monk

Jae Sinnett jaejazz at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 17 03:10:58 EDT 2006

Doug's post reminded me of this......I'm curious to know what folk think of Ben Riley's Monk Legacy band.....using guitar instead of piano....playing Monk's music? Of course it's been done before with his music and in most cases for these ears there is an uncomfortable emptyness. For me it brings up interesting questions like if Monk's music is intrinsically designed for piano....and not just because Monk was a pianist. I believe that's possible in instrumental music. Like some things just don't seem to work when reproduced differently from the original....mainly because the original contains the most logical course in structure. This can always be debated because folk think differently but Monk's music is so blaringly logical and deceptively simple to me. I think too often musicians use his quirky-ness to jusitfy what variations they might make on his music. I'm certainly not saying that's the case here but it sure has a smell of contrivance.
  Jae Sinnett   

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