[JPL] I can just imagine asking Mr. Weston to "audition" for us.

JASS jassav at comcast.net
Tue Oct 17 08:23:40 EDT 2006

I found the  "blog" response below to Saturday night at the Savannah Jazz 
Festival to be humorous & in some sense sad.  To me, it helps demonstrate 
the uphill battle it takes to foster an understanding and acceptance of 

I am sure the pianist the writer is referring to was 'Randy Weston' playing 
with Ben Riley.

I can just imagine asking Mr. Weston to "audition" for us.


Larry Dane-Kellogg
Savannah, GA


BLOG COMMENT:  I have to ask this one question. Does anyone actually hear 
the artists that play the Jazz Fest before they take the stage? Is there an 
audition process? Is anyone asked to submit a recording of some sort? You 
would think the Coastal Jazz Association of Savannah would want to last 
another twenty-five years. Now, I say this only because tonight I sat on the 
lawn of Forsyth Park with seven of my closest friends listening to what I 
can only think was a pianist playing what some may refer to as "free jazz".

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