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Morning  Edition has raised $60,000 during what we call the power hour, where
we  tell our listeners to call between 7 and 8 am and that will be the  only
hour of fundraising that day.
It works great, and the rest of the  day we do regular programming. 

WBUR here in Boston does the same. They present it as a couple of hours of  
fundraising during drive time in exchange for no fundraising during other hours 
 of the day. I'm guessing it's not 100% effective as I've noticed that they 
only  do this for some of their pledge drives, not all of them. But then again, 
WBUR  really mixes it up when it comes to on air fundraisers and it obviously 
works.  They do other things like a 3 day mini fundraiser just before 
valentines day  with an incentive of roses and/or chocolates delivered anywhere in 
exchange for  pledges.
-david avery

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