[JPL] Re: Miles Hearts Kenny G (?)

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Fri Oct 20 13:18:24 EDT 2006

Initially Kenny G was not aware he was being marketed jazz.  it's  true.
my Word of Mouth Marketing firm did work for many labels, including Arista  
in the early 80s.  G's first couple of discs were 75% vocal.  i was  the 
marketing/promotion person who suggested to Arista that we could take the 3  
instrumental tracks, put out a separate promotional disc [record] and run his  music 
to formats that embraced instrumental music.  
this was before there was a smooth jazz format.  contemporary jazz,  
instrumental RnB and instrumental pop were largely exposed on a patchwork  network of 
stations that included
night and weekend programs at urban, AOR(rock) and MOR stations with a  
smattering of jazz, college and even news/talk. there were a handful of Quiet  
Storm stations and even a few major pop stations with jazz shows. 
also a side note on Miles at the end: for those fortunate enough to catch  
Miles' final performance [at the Hollywood Bowl in LA] he went out (it seemed as 
 if he somehow knew it)
playing two hours of the blues.
-ricky schultz

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