[JPL] Apologies and good WEMU news

Linda Yohn lyohn at emich.edu
Sun Oct 22 13:06:41 EDT 2006

Hello everyone,

I apologize for being somewhat inactive on the list for a few months 
with the exception of those playlists.  I had one of the busiest and 
most rewarding summers of my life and now am in to the fall 
responsibilities full throttle.  

I am sure that I missed many rewarding and inspirational online 
interchanges, but the fall demands at WEMU have been heavy.  Ask any of 
the record reps who have tried to catch me!

We continue to work on ways to expand WEMU's listenership while playing 
music with substance and depth.  In 2006 with the competition from so 
many other media sources, this charge can be a tall order.  We continue 
to soldier on.

We have good news.  WEMU met our fall 2006 on-air fundraising goal!  
While some areas of our country may be experiencing some economic 
recovery, Southeastern Michigan has not recovered.  Eash day we learn 
about another plant closing, another batch of middle management auto 
employees getting pink slips, the downsizing of a medium business or 
the closure of a small business.  We're receiving less and less support 
from the University due to lower state appropriations passed on to all 
departments at EMU.  This, our reliance on listener support and 
underwriting continues to expand.

Given all the competition and the economic conditions, it is was 
heartwarming to hear from so many appreciative and supportive WEMU 
listeners.  If our mail-in donation campaign performs to expectations, 
we should be in good shape for the next six months.
Our biggest performer was "Morning Edition", but there were some major 
bell-ringing moments in music shows.  Many music shows broke the $1,000 
barrier in an hour with regularity.  Some music shows raised nearly 
$3,000 in an hour.  And, given that WDET, WUOM, WRCJ, WKAR AM & FM and 
WGTE were all fundraising at the same time, for our 17,000 watt station 
to do as well as it has done with all of these competing signals (some 
as strong as 75,000 watts with repeaters...) speaks volumes about the 
WEMU listener who likes real music presented by real hosts who know the 
Southeastern Michigan territory.

I'll be back in the office reviewing new music this week with renewed 
confidence thanks to our great listeners.  Got to take good care of 

FYI, this week's spin count will be whacked due to fundraisng.  Get 
ready for a weird one.  

A musical tip, if you haven't yet heard Ben Riley's new CD, you are in 
for a real treat.


Linda Yohn
WEMU Music Director
lyohn at emich.edu

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