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Sun Oct 22 23:37:13 EDT 2006

Theme--Eddie Jefferson--Waltz for Rainy Bebop Evening--N.Y. Afternoon--Muse 

Count Basie---Seque in C---Jazzfest---Scotti Bros.
Count Basie--Whirlybird--Jazz Profile--Blue Note
Louis Armstrong--You Rascal You--You're Drivin Me Crazy--Columbia

Dexter Gordon---Moment's Notice--Manhattan Symphonie--Columbia
Larry Vuckovich--Dexter's Mode---Street Scene--Tetrachord
Jamie Davis---Another Star--It's a Good Thing--Unity Music

Hank Mobley--No Room for Squares--No room for Squares--Blue Note
Tommy Flanagan--Hustle Bustle--Trinity--Musical Heritage

Mario Bauza--El Manisero--My Time is Now--Messidor
Johnny Blas--Los Huesos--Skin and Bones--CuBop
Tom Lellis--Olinda Wind--Avenue of Americas--Beamtide
Gil Scot- Heron---17th Street--It's Your World---TVT

Sathima Bea Benjamin--Someone to watch over me---Musical
Carmen Lundy--Old Friend---Live at The Madrid--Afrasia
Sarah Vaughan and Billy Eckstine--Now It Can Be Told--The Complete Sarah 

Larry Vuckovich---Blue in Green--Street Scene--Tetrachord
Haki Madhubuti--Medasi--Medasi---Third World

Ray Barreto--Ivy--Rican-conditioned--Zoho
Ahnad Jamal--One--Digital Works--Atlantic
Gil Scot-Heron--South Carolina--From South Africa to South Carolina--TVT
Gary Bartz--I've Known Rivers--I've Known Rivers--

Pete Zimmer--Getting Dizzy--Burnin Live--Tippin Records
Mitchel Forman--My Romance--Now and then--Novus
Giacomo Gates--Milestones--Centerpiece--Origin
Salim Washington--Stranded--Harlem Homecoming--Ujam

Theme--Waltz for a Rainy Bebop Evening--New York Afternoon--Muse

Larry Reni Thomas
Chapel Hill-Carrboro, North Carolina
Sunday Night Jazz

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