[JPL] Santana-Willie Bobo connection

Arturo arturo893 at qwest.net
Wed Oct 25 16:59:56 EDT 2006

Most everyone is aware of the influence Tito Puente had on a young Carlos
Santana resulting in 2 mega hits of previously recorded songs by the T P
band, Oye Como Va and Pa' Los Rumberos. Most may not be aware that Mongo and
Willie Bobo were bigger influences after they broke away from the Cal Tjader
group when Mongo formed his own band and virtually created "Latin soul" by
themselves. Two other Santana hits, Evil Ways and No One Can Depend On were
originally recorded by Willie Bobo's group after he left Mongo's band.

Willie is way under rated, he was a skilled trap drummer as well as master
timbal player. When Willie was in the Tito band, Puente refused to let Bobo
play timbal when he was playing vibes. I hope the 2 Bobo cover songs are
included in this new Santana tribute album Jae and others have been chatting
about it.


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