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> I just have to say.... where has Michele Rosewoman been the past few years? 
>  Her new release is just dynamite!  For a station that focuses on more 
> "progressive" material - this new album of hers suits us to a tee - one of the 
> real surprise releases of 2006 from my perspective.  Michele and company play in 
> a variety of styles  here, including some jazz-rock and Latin stylings.  She 
> is featued on a number of different keyboards as well, which adds to the 
> variety of the flavorings.   I think the title of her album, "The In Side Out" 
> sums it up nicely - her comments about how she composes in this manner add an 
> interesting perspective to the music.  I'm diggin' this one!
> Brad

Brad, I know Michele will delighted when she reads it.  She put the CD out on 
her own and I'm so happy it's meeting with so many accolades.  Please visit 
her website on Jazzcorner -

Peace and blessings
Lois Gilbert

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