[JPL] Album Foozle

Bobby Jackson ftapache1 at sbcglobal.net
Sat Oct 28 20:23:56 EDT 2006

I know collectors that would pay good money for those recordings.  I own 
several thousand albums still and have received offers from many to take 
them off my hands.  I just can't bring myself to give them up.  Even the 
ones I have CD's of.

Bobby Jackson
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> I just had to share this story.....it reminded me of a thread we had a few 
> years back about library space but this one is unbelievable......
>  For years our music library contained both the classical, jazz and folk 
> music recordings. Several years ago I weeded out a few thousand albums and 
> CD's that either we would never play or had been re-issued on CD to make 
> more room for new releases. Eventually we moved all the CD's out into my 
> office space and left the remaining jazz albums in the library. A week ago 
> they decided to do the same for the classical albums......clear out the 
> ones they don't want to make more space. There are several thousand jazz 
> albums that are still in the library.....at least 10,000.
>  I was told about this and I sent emails out reminding folk not to touch 
> the jazz LP's. They had students and volunteers come in to do the work. 
> Last Sunday...during our fundraiser I might add.....I came in to do my 
> show. I had planned to play about 10 albums on that show. I walked into 
> the library and every single jazz album in the library......GONE. I can't 
> remember how long I looked at those shelves wondering if I had walked into 
> a parallel universe.
>  To make a longer story short.....I found out later that afternoon that 
> the albums were in the dumbsters behind the building. THOUSANDS of jazz 
> classics in the garbage! The garbage trucks come first thing Monday 
> morning to empty them. To say I was shocked would be the understatement. 
> Without question the most stupid thing I have ever seen in my life. I was 
> on the phone to management and shortly after the person responsible for 
> this was out back with their buddies in the dumpsters bringing back in 
> those albums on that Sunday afternoon. There are stories of some walking 
> away with several unfortunately and we won't know which ones until we get 
> them back in order. That individual is no longer employed at the station.
>  Jae Sinnett
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