[JPL] Jae's REAL nightmare!

Linda Yohn lyohn at emich.edu
Sun Oct 29 11:07:09 EST 2006

Hi Jae and all list members,

Omigod,  I cannot imagine such insensitivity!  During a fund drive??  
Applecarts must not be upset during a fund drive!!!  And, to just put 
all the LPs in a dumpster????

I'm sorry to see anyone lose a job in these tough economic times, but 
that individual deserved such a fate when she/he went ahead and did 
that to the albums after you had specifically requested that the jazz 
albums be left alone.  Jae, you have my sympathy.

As we went through our fund drive, I took listeners on tours of our 
library.  They appreciated it's organization and it's breadth and 
depth.  We music hosts have a relationship with all of the records in 
our library be they on black vynil or silver plastic.  Those 
relationships create the relationships with listeners, too.  Jae, and 
others on this list, I'm sure you feel as I do.

I's with the brothers Jackson with regard to my personal LPs as well.  
I've retained all my musical treasures even if they have been re-
issued.  I've got some odd rock, funk, comedy, classical and folk music 
LPs too.  It's my musical life.  

Perhaps at some time, I will live Abbey Lincoln's lyrics to "Throw It 
Away", but the time is not now.  

I was glad to see that most of Jae's station LPs were rescued from the 

Keep swinging,


Linda Yohn
WEMU Music Director
lyohn at emich.edu

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