[JPL] What is the highlight of your record collection?

Maurice Hogue onemansjazz at shaw.ca
Tue Oct 31 13:02:21 EST 2006

A copy of a Jay McShann LP called Big Apple Bash with John
Scofield from 1979 which I stumbled upon in a store in Minneapolis.

Story:  I was in Toronto a year or so before that, wandered into a
club, great band playing, no indication of who it was, and I was seeing
a little double at the time (ahem), heard it was Jay McShann, got very
excited.  Went up to him at the break, introduced myself, asked if he
would sing I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water. Favourite tune that I used to
do. Jay said he didn't remember the lyrics. I said I'll write them down.
I couldn't remember the lyrics (now thinking doubles).  Asked if I could
mail them. He gave me address in KC and I enjoyed the rest of the show.

When I got back to Winnipeg, I mailed him a very nice typed set of
lyrics.  That Christmas I got a card from someone in Kansas City. I was
mystified.  It was from Jay McShann!  How thoughtful.  Still have that.

Later on, I found the LP, and there was I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water, and
he was doing the lyrics I had sent him.

That's my story and I'm sticking by it.

Maurice Hogue
CKUW Winnipeg

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