[JPL] What is the highlight of your record collection?

George B. Thomas latida at gmavt.net
Tue Oct 31 13:30:15 EST 2006

A Candid 8022 LP compilation called Newport Rebels, signed by Max Roach 
during a 3 hour 1977 interview on WBRS (Brandeis U.) the day after his 
close friend Steven Biko had been killed in South Africa. My co-host 
Charlie & I  began the interview with Max's earliest recordings with 
Hawk and moved rapidly through Bird into politics, taking over a 
program that followed and then some. Max wrote:
  "To George - To History and One Of Our Great American Art Forms  
"Jazz"  Max 1977"

One of 20,000 LP's (about half jazz) not counting 78's, 45's and CDs in 
the collection. The thought of any being in the dumpster is slightly 
more terrifying than a Republican victory on Nov 2nd.


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