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Hi Group -

I have had some lean years and twice thinned out my collection of  
vinyl, getting rid of items today, in hindsight, I wish I had retained.

A prime example and something that would definitely rank as a  
highlight of any collection was an Atlantic LP with Max Road called ,  
if I recall correctly, "Introducing The Legendary Hahsaan" (not sure  
if its spelled correctly.  I found this in a used record store in  
Manhattan and it had one of those small address stickers that come  
for free in the mail with the name "Marion Brown" and his address on  
the Bowery.

I have 3 limited edition and numbered highlights that were the  
victims of a true horror story:

1) Thanks to Terri Hinte formerly of Fantasy 12-disc vinyl collection  
of the complete Miles Davis on Prestige autographed "To Mitchell --  
Thank You - Miles Davis" with a few 8th and 16th note clusters he  
used as punctuation.

2) Thanks to Ricky Schultz a 6-disc vinyl collection of the complete  
Bird Dial sessions with each jacket designed by a different artist.   
I got Romare Bearden's and Larry Rivers' to autograph their covers.   
[Side note to this -- a few years ago I came across the original  
artwork to these covers exhibited at Christies on Park Ave. in  
Manhattan before they were sold at auction in their Contemporary Art  
sales of whatever year that was.  Without naming names a senior WEA  
executive who was probably the one to commission them and, I guess,  
had kept them was putting them up for sale.  I always wondered what  
the Time Warner shareholders would have thought if they knew that  
their company had not only paid for the original work but that they  
no longer had them in their offices and they were being sold by a  
former employee!]

3) Also I think thanks to Ricky an 8-disc set of Keith Jarrett's Sun  
Bear Concerts on ECM.  Got KJ to autograph it.

Anyway, none of these are playable as a wacko woman I was involved  
with in the early 1990s went berserk one night when I left her alone  
in my apartment after a fight.  I didn't find out for several years  
after we broke up that among the damage she did was to go through  
EVERY ONE OF THE DISCS MENTIONED ABOVE and do little squiggly designs  
on the vinyl with a paper clip.  These are not LPs one would play  
regularly so I didn't discover this until one day Bob Dorough was  
over at my pad in NYC to be interviewed for the liner notes to his  
first Blue Note CD I was writing and we were talking about "Yardbird  
Suite" and I said "let's listen to the Dial version."  I put the LP  
on my turntable (Linn) and it skipped.  I was a bit puzzled as I  
treat my LPs like Brad, Bobby and I am sure others do -- as precious  
children.  I picked up the tone arm and looked at the LP and saw  
these lines gouged into the vinyl!  I went through the entire Bird  
Box and found each side of every LP had been so disfigured.  It  
wasn't until later that night that I discovered the damage done to  
the Jarrett and Miles boxes.  I woke up with a start in the middle of  
the night and a chill ran through me as I though "My God, what else  
did she destroy!?!"  I immediately went to the Miles and Jarrett  
boxes and found that both sides of EVERY LP in those collections had  
also been gouged.  But that was -- thank goodness -- the extent,  
albeit abominable -- of the damage.  Of the thousands of LPs I had at  
the time this crazy woman had clearly figured out which were the most  
valuable and rendered them unplayable (and almost worthless).

Weird thing is we got back together after that fight - my being  
ignorant of the damage done to these recordings (the other vandalism  
was minor in comparison).  I can honestly say that had I discovered  
what had been done to them at the time I would have been hard pressed  
not to KILL her!

[JPL] Re: What is the highlight of your record collection?

Arturo arturo893 at qwest.net
Tue Oct 31 15:28:15 EST 2006
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Because I collect music from various genres I have several  
"highlights" and
most prized recordings, some of them are original 1940s Cuban  
pressings of
78rpm,  1950s and '60s LPs on Cuban pressings I inherited from my  
uncle a
life long collector. When it comes to jazz my jewel is an original  
1948 10"
Blue Note LP, James Moody and the Modernaires in stone -mint  
condition. The
sidemen were like Moody-Dizzy big band members including Chano Pozo  
in his
last recording, made  just 2-3 weeks before he was shot dead over a  
$10 bag
of cannibas in a Harlem bar. To top it off, several years ago Moody
autographed and dedicated the record to me in his inimitable style
commenting he has seen few copies of the LP which has remained out-of- 
and in its original release had the minimum amount of pressings made.

I highly prize my Cuban press LP of the early 60s by Chucho Valdés Combo
that Paquito D'Rivera debuted on wax as an 18year old. I also have the
follow up LP with the obscure Cuban jazz scat singer "El Guapachá" in  
only recording as he died just a few months after the recording was

I value my first press Blue Note LP by Sabu Martínez and Arsenio  
from 1957, the LP that was pulled from the market 6 weeks after its  
because it was a Cuban folklore rumba roots album and not jazz. A few  
ago Palo Congo was re-issued on CD. It was considered  one of the most
sought out if not the most sought Blue Note LP by collectors. I also  
have an
Arsenio Rodríguez-Chano Pozo LP on NY's famed Spanish Music Center/ 
label that was recorded upon the arrival of Chano to NY to showcase his
talents, it coincided with the legendary Cuban "Godfather of Salsa"- 
Rodríguez aka "The Marvelous Blind One" who was in NYC seeking a  
to possibly restore his vision. The back up band was the Machito  
under the direction of Mario Bauzá. These recordings are now on a  
import CD, "Legendary Sessions" on the Tumbao label.

Finally I have some very rare original RnB 45s from the 50s as well as
material by James Brown and others on 45s not yet issued on LP or CD  
as well
as some obscure 70s funk and spoken words LPs. Visitors to my home are
always taken aback by the sight of record cabinets and book shelves
throughout the dwelling.


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