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Arturo arturo893 at qwest.net
Fri Sep 1 13:03:30 EDT 2006

<<< And Midón, younger and less seasoned, has displayed a similar
musical eclecticism. OK, that sounds good as preview, but it didn't exactly
work out that way on
stage. Midón, on first, performed with only his solo guitar as
accompaniment. Singing originals written from a distinctly Stevie Wonder
perspective, he delivered an entertaining if somewhat repetitive-sounding
set of songs. Despite several efforts to cross into jazz, his efforts in
this arena seemed very much like a work in progress. Midón's most effective
passages, in fact, came in a scat-singing finale with Jarreau and Benson, in
which he more than held his own. >>>

I found Don's perspective quite interesting. Raúl lived in Miami for many
years and I have known him since the early 90s. Midón comes from jazz and
entered the RnB-smooth world as commercial success is more important to him
than artistic triumph. Midón played with many fine jazzers and recorded a
live date at the Van Dyke Café which is a pretty good album, he sings, he
scats, he imitates both trumpet and trombone while playing standards. That
is why he "more than held his own in the scat-singing finale with Jarreau
and Benson.

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