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Perhaps a strange request.......I know Harry Carney was born in Boston and
the rest of the history associated with him and his relationship with Duke
Ellington. I'm curious........when Duke died in 74 Carney was quoted as
saying "he had nothing else to live for." He died a couple months after that
statement. Does anyone know how he died? I can't find much on info on this
and knew there was some question as to how he did. Also, did he perform with
anyone else in the Boston area after he started working with Duke or was it
just Ellington? I know he was with the Ellington organization longer than
anyone else and recorded one or two recordings as a leader but I can't find
any info on them. Would anyone know the titles? Thanks for any info.....
  Jae Sinnett


   Here are the details on Harry's 6 sessions as a leader. It's quite
readable on my end, hope it comes across all right.

Lenny Mazel
KCME, Colorado Springs

Harry Carney
Harry Carney's Big Eight: 
Joe Thomas (tp) Lawrence Brown (tb) Otto Hardwick (as) Ted Nash (ts) Harry
Carney (bar) Jimmy Jones (p) Billy Taylor, Sr. (b) Jimmy Crawford (d) 
New York, March 18, 1946
1029    Minor mirage    HRS 1020, Raretone (Du)5011-FC, Ultraphonic 43,
        Halo LP50229, LP50242, Allegro 1643
1030    Jamaica rumble    HRS 1021
1031    Shadowy sands       -
1032    Candy cane    HRS 1020, Raretone (Du)5011-FC, Ultraphonic 43,
        Allegro 1643

Harry Carney
Lawrence Brown (tb) Johnny Hodges (as) Harry Carney (bar) Billy Strayhorn
(p) Billy Taylor, Sr. (b) unknown d and strings added 
New York, 1947
    Why was I born ?    Wax 115, Esquire (E)10-294
    Triple play       -   , Atlantic EP524
Note: Both above titles also on Blue Star (F)218, Atlantic APL144 (as by
Johnny Hodges All Stars), Queen Disc (It)Q-041.

Harry Carney
Harry Carney (bar) Billy Strayhorn (p) Fred Guy (g) Oscar Pettiford (b)
Sonny Greer (d) Duke Ellington (arr) + strings 
New York, 1949
2077-1    Sono (de arr)    Jazz Scene Vol. 1, Columbia (E)33C9008, Blue Star
2078-5    Frustration (de arr)    Jazz Scene Vol. 1, Verve VSP38, Columbia
        (E)33C9007, Blue Star (F)GLP3506
Note: Both above titles also on Clef MGC674, Verve MGV8060, ARS G419,
Raretone (Du)5011FC.  Some issues as by Duke Ellington.

Harry Carney
Harry Carney With Strings: 
Ray Nance (tp,vln) Tony Miranda (fhr) Jimmy Hamilton (cl,ts) Harry Carney
(bar,b-cl) Leroy Lovett (p) Billy Bauer (g) Wendell Marshall (b) Louie
Bellson (d) + strings, Ralph Burns (cond) 
New York, December 14, 1954
2123-2    I don't stand a ghost of a chance with you    Clef MGC640, EPC288
2124-1    I got it bad and that ain't good        -      , EPC389, Verve
833291-2 [CD],
2125-3    Take the "A" train    Clef MGC640, EPC288, Verve (G)2615.044,
        (F)2355.020, (Eu)2356.019
2126-2    Moonlight on the Ganges    Clef MGC640, 89135, EPC289
2127-1    It had to be you        -      , EPC290, MGC742
2128-3    We're in love again        -      , 89135, EPC289
2129-2    Chalmeu        -      , EPC290
2130-3    My fantasy        -      , EPC290
Note: Clef MGC742 was scheduled but never released.
All above titles also on Verve MGV2028.

Harry Carney
Rock Me Gently: Harry Carney and the Duke's Men: 
Willie Cook, Ed Mullens, Ray Nance (tp) Mitchell "Bootie" Wood (tb) Paul
Gonsalves (ts) Harry Carney (bar) Rollins Griffith (p) Aaron Bell (b) Sam
Woodyard (d) 
Boston, September 16, 1960
    Rock me gently    Columbia (E)33SX1323, World Record Club (E)T479
    Mabulala            -           , DB4799
    Jeepers creepers            -
    Three of hope            -

Harry Carney
Andrew "Fats" Ford (tp) replaces Ed Mullens 
Boston, September 17, 1960
    Blues for blokes    Columbia (E)33SX1323, DB4799
    Hand me down love            -           , World Record Club (E)T480
    Five o'clock drag            -           , World Record Club (E)T480
    Baby blue            -           , World Record Club (E)T479
Note: All titles from World Record Club (E)T479 & T480 also on One-Up
(E)DU0133, Double-Up (E)DU0125.
All titles from Columbia (E)33SX1323 also on Columbia (E)SCX3378, Metronome
MLP15066, Philips (Eu)849.106.

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