[JPL] KRFC FtCollins:playlist, 9-03-06; 'MtnStdsTime': Gene Abkarian

Al Karia jctrane at gmail.com
Mon Sep 4 12:35:23 EDT 2006

This is the playlist for 'Mountain Standards Time' for Sunday, September 3,
2006 on community radio, KRFC-fm in Ft Collins, Colorado. CDs for airplay
audition are always welcome.
        Gene Abkarian
        KRFC Radio
        619 S College Ave  #4
        Ft Collins, CO   80524
        streaming at krfcfm.org

ARTIST/track/album/label           *new release  **reissued material
    (tunes arranged by presentation sets)


RED GARLAND/LazyMae/DigIt/Prestige  (theme)
GREG ABATE/Nica'sDream/HoraceIsHere/koko [H.S. b.(9/02/28)]
RAMONA BORTHWICK/LatinQuarter/ANewLeaf/WhalingCitySound *

ART PEPPER/WhyAreWeAfraid/Gettin'Together/Contemporary
     [A.P. b. 9/01/25]
WOODY HERMAN band/Woodchopper's Ball/LiveFromClub15/Request **
TIM COFFMAN/SkyDive/Crossroads/blujazz

RAY BARRETTO/BabyBabyAllTheTime/StandardsRican-Ditioned/zoho *
SAMEER RAMCHANDRAN/TrinkleTinkle/Roundabout/Roverbird *


TERRY GIBBS/FourBrothers/Findin'TheGroove/JazzedMedia *
TANIA MARIA/titletrack/Intimidade/BlueNote *
MARC SABATELLA/AquarianSound/SecondCourse/Cadence

LARRY GOLDINGS/AuBordDeL'eau/Quartet/Palmetto
MARILYN HARRIS/Cool/RoundTrip/Wrightwood *

KENNY GARRETT/titletrack/BeyondTheWall/Nonesuch *
JON FADDIS/WaltzForFathers-Brothers/Teranga/koch *

JOHN STEIN/BluesMaude'sFlat/ConcertoInternacionale//WhalingCity *
PLANET JAZZ/DualHighways/InOrbit/SharpNine *

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