[JPL] JPL] Rahsaan/Trumpet

Jim Wilke jwilke123 at comcast.net
Mon Sep 4 21:35:44 EDT 2006


I think that's the opening of a 1975 album "The Case of the 3 Sided 
Dream in Audio Color" on Atlantic SD 1674.... so named because it was a 
two LP set with Side 2 of the second LP left blank (silent grooves) - 
thus:  3 sides.   Lots of crossfades, with sound effects, musings by 
RRK between tracks giving it a disconnected dream like quality that is 
somehow all connected.  There were apparently 3 different sessions to 
produce the album, and each session with different players - Hilton 
Ruiz was one of three pianists listed.

Thanks for reminding me of this album.  I hadn't listened to it in 
years and it's great.


On Monday, September 4, 2006, at 06:19  PM, Jae Sinnett wrote:

> I have a tape with Rahsaan where he starts talking about playing with 
> Miles and wanted him to go back to playing the muted trumpet and also 
> asked...."Why do you need all of this electricity?" Funny as hell. He 
> then proceeds to play "Bye Bye Blackbird" on trumpet with the mute and 
> rumored to have a sax mouthpiece. The sound is amazingly like 
> a...well....muted trumpet. I'm trying to figure out which Rahsaan 
> recording this is from. Would anyone on the list know?
>   Jae

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