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Mon Sep 4 23:08:57 EDT 2006

I agree Bobby...I thought it was an adorable video.  I recall doing  the same 
thing at about her age-belting out Motown hits and using a hairbrush as  a 
microphone.  I have a video of old 8 mm film shot by my dad  which captured a 
priceless performance of the Nutcracker Suite done in our  underwear.  We 
thought we were sensational and true ballerinas.  The  film viewed now as an adult 
shows two little girls having the time of their  lives.  It's what kids do-pure 
and uninhibited :)
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I loved  the video and thought it was cute.  The little girl looks like she  
enjoyed doing the video as well.  I remember performing for my family  with my 
brothers songs by the Jackson 5, The Osmonds, Archie Bell and The  Drells and 
other pop acts of the day. Looks like fun and I'm happy they shared  it.


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