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I feel sorry for you.  You should have kids and experience the joy of 
watching them do something just because they love to do it.  By the way, 
the song is a tune performed by Earth, Wind and Fire from a recording called 
"Gratitude."  I'd rather have my child listen to EWF than 99% of the music 
being created today.  Their messages in their music is for the most part 
spiritually motivated and alway pointing to brighter horizons.  The energy 
that she exhibited on tape is part of the joy of childhood.  That tune was 
very popular in my neighborhood and that little girl is not the first person 
I've ever seen perform it simply for the joy of doing it.  Young and old 
alike sing that song simply because it's a great tune.  Your reaction to 
this tape makes me realize that everyone doesn't experience the "magic" that 
music can bring to life of a child.  Your disconnected reaction is wayyyy 
too dark and  serious and frankly, it's frightening.  Loosen up dude. 
You're way over the top on this one.  To paraphrase another EWF classic, 
"She's a shining star"!


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> In a message dated 9/4/2006 10:22:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,
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> It's a  great tape!  I just came back from Detroit with my family and my 3
> year old son put a makeshift drum kit together made out of plates, glasses
> and using a pair of drinking straws was playing to a rhythm of his own
> imagination.  That's what kids do.  It's a gift, not an  occupation.
> Basso, you can't honestly believe that her parents put  her up to that. 
> It
> was innocent and it was  adorable!!!!
> Bobby Jackson
> Dear Bobby,
> So I'm to understand the poor kid sat and listened to the tune 500 times 
> on
> her own so she could sing it?   I still for sorry for her and a  portion 
> of a
> lost innocent childhood.
> Joe
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