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Kids pick these things up very quickly and they're born performers, 
it's later we learn stage fright.  I think 500 times is  an 
overestimate - this was no professional lipsyncer like milli vanilli!   
Both my sons who are now adults did the same thing with no 
encouragement and most parents will tell you the same if they have 
music in the home.  Kids will sing along or pretend to play "air 
guitar" or drums or ...

My son Barrett played tennis racquet guitar in his basement pretend 
rock group and started violin as a Suzuki student.  With no 
encouragement he'd go around the neighborhood announcing a concert at 4 
pm at which time he'd step out on the front porch to play "Twinkle 
twinkle" on his violin for anyone who showed up, took his bows and 
everything. He later played percussion in the Seattle Youth Symphony 
and drums in the Roosevelt High Jazz Band. As an adult he's now touring 
and recording as the drummer with the group Kinski on the SubPop label. 
   http://www.kinski.net/bio.html    He's a surprising well balanced and 
likeable man.  The same kind of story is true of his older bass-playing 
brother Chris, who as a child would sing along with anything I gave him 
on record.  After he chose string bass as his instrument in 3rd grade 
he studied and played classical and jazz bass through college, and has 
also dabbled in afro-pop, folk music and bluegrass as occasions arose.

I don't think any participatory musical activity of any sort should be 
discouraged at any age. Even if most kids who are involved in music 
don't become professional performers, they become a much better 
informed listening audience and we need that, too!


> In a message dated 9/4/2006 10:22:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,
> ftapache1 at sbcglobal.net writes:
> It's a  great tape!  I just came back from Detroit with my family and 
> my 3
> year old son put a makeshift drum kit together made out of plates, 
> glasses
> and using a pair of drinking straws was playing to a rhythm of his own
> imagination.  That's what kids do.  It's a gift, not an  occupation.
> Basso, you can't honestly believe that her parents put  her up to 
> that.  It
> was innocent and it was  adorable!!!!
> Bobby Jackson
> Dear Bobby,
> So I'm to understand the poor kid sat and listened to the tune 500 
> times on
> her own so she could sing it?   I still for sorry for her and a  
> portion of a
> lost innocent childhood.
> Joe

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